Winnipeg's new Stadium design

I disagree. There are far too many fairweather fans in my opinion. Who wants to go to a game when it's cold, windy and miserable in October and November? I'd rather watch it from the comfort of my own home. I have been to all types of games and I assure you that a dome would be a great thing to attract a fan-base who stays away from the games because of bad weather. Like Pigseye stated, make it a year round, multi-functional facility where revenues from other events would help pay for the stadium without relying solely on the Bombers.

Has anyone ever seen pictures of Qwest Field in Seattle(where the seahawks play)? It's an outdoor stadium but has very large and effective awnings. I think it covers like 70% of the seats at the stadium or something. Maybe this is a cheaper alternative to a retractable dome stadium.

For once, I agree with esks123, it is a better, cheap alternative.

Could Winnipeg really afort a domed football stadium?

10 homes games per year with preseason, 11 with playoff game.

oct nov games = 4 at most if you have an unusual year.

7-8 games normally home with nice weather.

with a dome you are more likely to lose 5 thousand a game in nice weather than gain the required 10 thousand a game during poor weather to just break even on overall attendence. you need even more people to start paying off for the extra expense of the dome. you don't need t use the field to make a buiding more usable during the offseason./ the initial plan for a new building had a lot of the space under the grandstands built for shows/conventions. the initial plan seemed very good to me and i haven't seen what would be bad about that design yet.

Ok, I'm in for nickle on this topic.

Just a minor correction to an earlier poster - The endzones have not always been 20 yards. They were shortened from 25 yds the same time as the hash marks were moved. It had nothing to do with improving play, just that with 25 yds all new stadiums would have the bulk of the seats in the endzones. Also, several teams had to cut of the corners anyway to fit the existing stadiums.

Big problem in Winnipeg is the new seats in the lower decks that replaced the bleachers. I know I go to fewer games because of them, and I know a lot of people with the same complaint. The stadium was designed with bleachers and the new seats don't fit. I'm 5'8" and slim and there's no room! Forget about putting your second beer down on the cement, you're as likely to kick it over yourself as some one else doing it.
Speaking of beer, all they sell are Labatts products and that's just undrinkable.

A new stadium should have bleachers. Maybe put backs on the bleachers as we have in the upper deck, but stay away from the arena seating we have now. Outdoor entertainment means that you should be able to sprawl a bit.

A good design has to be a compromise. If you're in the corners you may not get an unobstructed view of the whole field. I know that several NFL buildings have this problem and it seems to be unavoidable if all of the seats are going to be close enough to the field. The compromise is probably somewhere between the Big O, with the center field seats about 30 yards from play, and Ivor Wynn. I could see being a maximum of 20 yards away at center, but I'd want to be on top of the play in the corners or in the endzone.

Location? Right where the existing one is at polo park. Right after the seaon they could tear down one side, or even half of one side, and have that bit replaced by next season. Or, they could do what I've suggested to deaf ears - lay down some rails around the existing stadium, build the new one in modular form, and slide the pieces into place when ready.

The CFL field has always had 20 yard endzones(its not "inzone" learn to speak and spell), and thats not going to change. Why would we want to make the CFL more like the nfl by shortening endzones?
If memory serves me correctly, the endzones used be 25 yds deep, they were shortened to 20 yds so that a CFL field could be accomodated in BC Place without distorting the endzones.

where is it supposed to be located? remember them saying that it was around the red river x place and then we all argued about the location

They should put a dome instead of a normal football stadium

the toilet design is terrible...if they're gonna go with the toilet, just DOME the thing...wont look like a toilet that way.

but im not a fan of domes OR toilet-looking just make a new clean lookin outdoor stadium...kinda like the whitehcaps stadium that will be built in vancouver, only designed primarily for football, not soccer.

but then again, winnipeg is windy, and a dome would make sense there.

i dunno.

labatt blue-bomber stadium sounds cool.

Lets get this striaght. WERE NOT GETTING A NEW STADIUM.we have a perfectly fine one.

Winnipeg Stadium is OUTDATED, we need a new one.

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Changing the field of play because it looks 'cool' is the dumbest reason yet to change anything about the game. The stadium should be designed so it is big enough to hold a field that meet specifications as per the CFL rules. You don't change the CFL rules unless there is a good reason and cool is not one of them.

Have to agree with roughy...

regulation is regulation. If you are building from scratch, ALWAYS make it fit regulation... The only reason this should ever be a problem is if you are trying to make it dual purpos (like fitting it inside an athletics track).

Which is what I wait the new Winnipeg Stadium to do.

.....Winnipeg would do well in building a multi-use facility...because of the climate.....cold and wind..... I think a partial covering should at least be would fill the place.....location quote an over used very important....alot of planning and design ideas are still forth coming.....I would like personally, to see the Aspers get involved in some way.....they could create a sports legacey for Manitobans... :arrow:


thanks for that Dgod.

It is an amazing design. even a hotel included. I want to see it built and we have the funding to do it. All we need know is better team support. We start selling ou they will start building.

that will be the best stadium in the cfl

That's pretty fricking sweet:).. Are they actually considering that, or is it just an artists impression or whatever?

if teh bombers start selling out game sthis year, and they agree to build this new stadium....where does it go?

anyone know, and if so, any thoughts on the location?