Winnipeg's loss

I have been wondering ever since i watched the Bombers lose to Hamilton. Will the loss to a team that started out with an 0-5 season put Winnipeg on a losing streak now?
Surely i hope not. I mean yeah a loss to Hamilton could hurt, but im hoping that with the help of Malbrough and Bush back against B.C will help put us back on track. The Bombers are only 1 point ahead of Montreal in the standings and i no BB fans and the Bombers wanna stay #1 in the East. but they cant be letting huge yardage against them. I notice how everytime Winnipeg is on defence, its never 2 and out.. they let the other team march about 30yrds down the field b4 they get a sack or until the other teams QB does a few mistakes and are forced to punt. Winnipeg, this week at practice WORK ON DEFENCE!!


Bang on! If we can get the D to the point where they force the other team 2 and out more often than not...then and only then will we be seen as true contenders.

Go Blue!

berry says he doesnt know what he will do with the ratio

i sure hope he makes the right choice and sits down brazzell and starts franklin and wilson in the rec. corps. we need all the play makers we can get and with

malbrough malveaux hebert bush onyenegecha

jenkins simpson hall(hopefully he doesnt have another game like he did last week)

canada haywood brown* walls

i dont see how many teams will move the ball on us. and on offence we will have 6 canadians, but that wont hurt the offence nearly as much as the D. Berry needs to seriously consider this

It is no disgrace to lose to Hamilton. If you watched the Tiger-cats over the past four weeks you would realize that they are not that bad and could have easily won the last 4 straight games. A few unfortunate penalties and some bad luck did them in. They could easily be 4-2.

Winnipeg was lucky to win last week and had no business winning on Friday. As a Winnipeg fan I feel we are lucky to be in first place. I think our biggest worry shouldn't be Montreal or Toronto, it should be Hamilton. They are the best 1-5 team I have ever seen.

i am a hamilton fan and i agree we should be 4-2 but the argos look pretty scary with micheal bishop and when he comes back they should be the biggest worry...unless they dig themselves to deep of a whole to get out of

....i think we'll learn more about the Bombers this week after the lions game....we still don't have our secondary where it should be....Bush is back ...but Bean and Marlbrough are still hurting......the leos are hurtin as well, so we can't use that as an excuse.....apparently Stoddard is out because of the dirty shot he took in the hammer we'll probably start Franklyn....who has shown in the past he can really take a hit and hold onto the ball, like Jamie......don't know what he's like holding for field goals though....guess we'll see :roll:

whats with all the ticats on this forum? please leave unless you have some good input on how the bombers can improve

wats wrong with that?

but ok fine i'll talk about the bombers

wow great practice today, i was able to attend and they looked much better....westwood was,.... well nevermind about westwood, but the team overall was looking great

they were really focusing in on stopping the run though

they looked like a real championship team out there

that better?

...good the way the Bombers looked....and your post....probably concentrating on the run because of Joe Smith....he is a load and a very good back....Barrin has to have a good night.... :rockin: :wink:

lol i think ticats fans vastly underate the bombers

when our starters are back out there and arjei shows what hes capable of, our defence will be just as good as in 06, combine that with this years offence and you have one scary team....

we just need cam to be more consistant... hes been doing great lately, last game he hit a slump though and could not find a way out, but other than that hes really been improving. once he gets a few picks ill be sold on him... that is if he keeps playing the way he did before last friday

and yes, i think the ticats will be a very good team to once they limit there penalties.

but they really cant expect lumsden to run for 200 yards a game... as he wont be facing mckinlay anymore

i agree...the bombers have one of the top 3 receiving corps in the league (maybe even the best) and charles roberts is a great RB...also Kevin Glenn is having a fantastic year so far...also they have an awesome D-Line (probably third behind BC and Sask.) the only thing they could improve on is the secondary (which isnt that bad when healthy) and the kicking game (no offense but westwood has been sh** so far)

Don't sound like a very good Winnipeg fan...
I'm sick of these cocky Ti-Cat fans who say their team should be 4-2. If you are undisciplined and take stupid penalties, you have no one to blame but yourself. So if you give the other team oppurtunities on those penalties and allow them to capitilize, you deserve to lose the game. Part of being the better team is making less mistakes, which Hamilton hasn't been able to do.

someone sounds bitter… need a hug?

Hey I_Believe_in_Blue, I’m a Winnipeg fan! All I’m saying is that it is no disgrace to lose to Hamilton.

They are a lot better than their record would indicate and as far as your analysis of penalties I agree. However, I know there were a lot of calls that were quite suspect and many non-calls that could have favoured the Tiger-Cats. All of these factors have contributed to their poor record.

As a Bombers fan, all I’m saying is that we should not take these games against Hamilton for granted. They are not going to be easy wins. We need to be more prepared and not just expect to show up and get a victory.

You sound strange to me. Your words have this thing you don't see very much.. Logic.

True football fans can see and enjoy the good in other teams. Why? Because they love football.

Much respect to you mrbean!

Hey, HalfTheDistance! You're defintely half the distance!

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