Winnipeg's D may be the key

Being a Lions fan I'm not a follower of the Bombers. I was wondering if Winnipeg's D holds the key to beating the Lions. The Lions O linesmen are not strong and have often made the QB a sitting duck. Just ask Printers and Lulay. Negate QB protection and the Lions are in big trouble- yet again.

How strong is the Bomber D line in rushing the QB? I don't know the players that well. If the Bombers can create Lions' successive two and outs and put a few points on the board, the Lions can be had. I would not want to see that happen of course but reality is reality. Last week's game could have gone either way. The Lions came out on top. This time could be different.

Printers as QB cannot hold onto the ball. He coughed it up 5 times in his last two games as starter. That's why he isn't playing. Lulay played conservatively last week. He has a propensity for throwing interceptions when rushed. His game improved considerably last week as he did not throw a single interception [at least none that I recall]. But our pass protection is still suspect and that may be the key to the Bombers pulling it off.

Not sure why you guys are writing off the Bombers. Mathematically they still could end up with 16 points in the standings. I realize that will likely not happen but they may not need to win all of their remaining games to get into the playoffs. Given the way Edmonton is playing I'd say they [Edmonton] are history this year. B.C. certainly doesn't have the final position wrapped up. And who knows what could happen to Toronto. They are hot and cold.

Well, speaking only for myself, I'd say that Winnipeg's defensive line is one of the best, if not the best, in the league this season. Their LB corps and secondary; not so much. . . but if your weakness is your offensive line, then the Bombers' defensive line is going to cause you a lot of problems.

.......Our defence can be a real difference maker IF they give us 4 quarters of football...As good as some of the talent is on this club, breakdowns at the most crucial times kill us...The team is still very 'green' but everytime out they get better and better...This is going to be a very solid unit next year IF Bomber management can keep them together........

...I think our quarterbacking is going to be the key to this game...Brink is untested in real game conditions...he needs to pull a 'Ricky Ray' when he made his first start....The kid has talent...we're gonna find out just how much...

...As far as playoffs go.....hmmmmm ...i'd say we are on the 'brink' of continuing the quest this season...IF we lose to the leos....we're almost done...The only way we have a chance is through the crossover and that's tentative at best...We've lost the season series to the argos and by the way they're playing, i think that it would be a stretch to think we have a shot in the east....We're still in it mathematically ....lose the next one and it's adios 2010 and the 2011 auditions start in earnest :wink:

Toronto and Hamilton wins this week pretty much forced Winnipeg to rely on the crossover. However I do agree with beaglehound in that Winnipeg is not out if they can pull out a victory today. Should be an exciting game just because of the situation both teams are in.

Go Lions! I believe the Lions are a lot better team than our record shows 34-17 BC GO LIONS!!!!!!