Winnipeg's Coach Berry has zero class

personally i don't think that hamilton would have done that to anyone except MAYBE the hated argos but even then i think we have more class then that and wouldn't have done it!...We must seek our revenge and crush winnipeg next friday and make them sorry that they came to IWS!!!


The article is a bit worrisome. Making deals with the opposition before a game? Even though its a pre-season game that was involved I think thats nonsense. Talk about an old boys club. They should have told the fans. Does this happen in any other sport?
Nice of them to agree to a real game afterwards though. Sheesh.

Berry isn't the villain here, its the league for having rules that encourage the practice of running up the score. If the rules were different I doubt anyone would try to keep scoring in a blowout. Really the league leaves everyone no choice

Berry isn't the villain here, its the league for having rules that encourage the practice of running up the score
oh bull, villian is not the word. Its a good thing to encourage teams to play and coaches to coach 100% on every play, regardless of the score. In fact, I think they should ban the kneel down.

There is a difference in taking a knee or running an offtackle play or a safe pass I'll agree. Trouble is we are talking about trying a nearly impossible FG in a blowout. There is no need for it except for the point differential

First, let me be clear. I'm here in River City and am a Bomber fan.

  1. It wasn't an 'impossible' field goal.
  2. TiCat fans might not know, but we've been having oodles of troubles with our kicker, Troy Westwood. This was a good chance to test his leg, range, confidence, etc.
  3. As has been written many times now, since we play each other 4 times, point spread is a consideration if we tie 2-2. Consider it a sign of respect that we feel we need more points.
  4. The circumstances surrounding the Wpg-Mtl game last year were considerably different than any of this.
  5. It was a last minute decision, evidenced by the fact that we took a knee the play before! It was probably alerted to Berry, possibly by Westwood, that we should try for the FG.
  6. I wouldn't expect that, as a fan, you'd like it one bit, but being 'classless' is a whole different thing.

I support the move although I feel if the rules were different the impossible FG attempt would be very unsportmanlike. Notice I said impossible. Thats because I don't agree with THAT part of your argument. The rest I actually agree with 100%

And how exactly were they diferent?

Wow! After hearing coach Taaffe today on the Sunday sports show on ML I've kinda changed my mind about the call by coach Berry.
I think when you got a young team that is 0-5 you don't need someone rubbing salt into the wound. Coach Taaffe said he brought Berry into the league when he was coaching the Als and gave him his start. No wonder he was so upset with him.
Yeah, I guess you could say Berry wanted the three points in spite of a 0-5 Taaffe coached team.
To me, it's like getting kicked when you're down. :cowboy:

ok, I can understand getting hot in the heat of the moment, but if he is still whining about it on sunday, then I got no respect for him.

Agree 100%. In addition, this isn't house league football. There are no rules that say you can't win by as many points as you can and send your fans home a little happier. I'd love it if the Cats totally dominated an opposing team (except the Argos).

The Cats weren't good and you can't blame that on Winnipeg. If they don't want to be on the losing end of lopsided score, get better.

An Argo-Cat fan

Stop your crying. All of the good teams in the past played hard right until the end.

I remember the Eskimos' do the same thing to us game after game after game.

You beat your opponent right up until the last whistle.

Don't blame Winnipeg......but don't forget either!!!

The game is 60 min. you score relentlessly until the final whistle. Thats what you teach players, thats just the killer instinct that Hamilton hasn't figured out yet, thats why the concept is so foreign to us. Taffe looked like a jack-ass poor loosing cry baby. I'll take Doug Berry thanks.

Interesting points. Regarding your third point however, please read what I said earlier in this thread. Point spread is probably meaningless:

What are the odds in Winnipeg and Hamilton finishing the season with identical 18 game records? As pointed out earlier, Winnipeg already has a (very rare) tie this year. You have to go back to the 2004 Labour Day game (Hamilton and Toronto) to find the last such tie. That would mean that Hamilton would have to have a tie in one of their remaining 13 games in order to have an OPPORTUNITY to have an identical 18 game record as Winnipeg. Ties do not happen very often in the CFL. Not only is a punt single sufficient to break them but there is also overtime to consider as well. While possible for both teams to finish with identical 18 game records, realistically it is not too likely. For this reason points for and against head to head are not likely to settle standing positions and the field goal and even the late TD were unnecessary from a season's standings perspective.

Point spread isn't meaningless until somebody has at least 5 points head to head

coach berry has a lot of class too bad it is all 4th class,over 50 years watching football never seen anything so chabby...on friday eat em raw cats

couldn't agree more :thup:

PBall has enough class in his little finger for all those AHoles. :roll: :thup:

Im still curious as to how they were different

Point spread is ONLY meaningful if both teams have identical 18 game records and have split the season series 2 and 2. Since there hasn't been another tie in the league since 2004 it is NOT likely that Hamilton will get a tie in their last 13 games AND finish with an identical 18 game record as Winnipeg AND split their season series.

You don't really believe that is going to happen do you?