Winnipeg's Coach Berry has zero class

Kent Austin had his team kick a field goal as well on the last play today against the Eskimoes ,while up 51-14(or thereabouts) ,difference is they made it !

We really are too much complaining about this stuff .
I can see our coach Taaffe doing this verbal semi confrontation with Winnepegs coach to get our guys into the next game .Good coaching emotion I say.

The facts are bearing out my previous statement. Every coach would do the same thing

Facts...yes in two cases mentioned above that is true, but at the end of the Stamps BC game with BC up 32-27 and the ball deep in Calgary territiory the Lions could have kicked a field goal in the dying seconds they were in close ,but Wally Buono didn't .

I had turned off the TV at that point regretably but I checked the score and it remained the same ,so Wally didn't kick the field goal he just ran out the clock as would old school (first class?) coaches....?

I know Lancaster used to coach that way ,but the waters are muddied by evidence like last years tie breaking formula which as previously mentioned in the event of a tie in the standings ,gives the advantage to the team scoring more points against the team they are tied with.

Interesting,mind you I didn't watch the last seconds at the end of the game ,can anyone confirm that Wally showed old school class/foolishness by not kicking the field goal.
As mentioned I shut the TV off.

It was the last play, the game was already out of reach. Winnipeg was helping themselves insure that should there be a tie-breaker, they were going to be covered. Miss or No Miss, it was the right play call by Barry, as I stated in this thread before maybe the Cats should try keeping a lead and these situations won't happen. However, it was not classless at all, it was a great move by a coach who wants to win a Championship!

At that point, a blocked FG returned for a TD loses the game for them. How about that for a reason why he didn't try one?

Works for me. In fact I'd kneel it that situation as well. You cannot risk throwing away the game

What are the odds in Winnipeg and Hamilton finishing the season with identical 18 game records? As pointed out earlier, Winnipeg already has a (very rare) tie this year. You have to go back to the 2004 Labour Day game (Hamilton and Toronto) to find the last such tie. That would mean that Hamilton would have to have a tie in one of their remaining 13 games in order to have an OPPORTUNITY to have an identical 18 game record as Winnipeg. Ties do not happen very often in the CFL. Not only is a punt single sufficient to break them but there is also overtime to consider as well. While possible for both teams to finish with identical 18 game records, realistically it is not too likely. For this reason points for and against head to head are not likely to settle standing positions and the field goal and even the late TD were unnecessary from a season's standings perspective.

Not worth risking it. Go for the juggler on Friday night as well

... Not Pinball he has way way to much class, this guy laugh at exta points. Austin no class. :lol:

Guess again. I even quoted Pinball justifying the practice

Classless for scoring points? This is laughable.Good for Doug Berry. Its his job to get his team to score points fer cryin' out loud.
You whiners are an embarassment to this team.
We lost...again...big time. S**k it in. Deal with it. The team will have a chance to redeem themselves somewhere along the line.

Blow out results do a disservice to any professional sports league. Why would anybody in an organization's management intentionlly add to this discreditable conduct?


If the playoff placement rules encourage 'rubbing it in', they must be changed.

If the head coach was greedy, he needs to be tied to a goal post on a hot sunny day on the prairies.

Laughing hard:

So what you are saying is "please Mr Commissioner don't let those terrible teams like Winnipeg score any more points on us. They've got enough".

Without effective conclusionary skills, you may never understand, but let me help you. Yes! They got enough!

Entertain the fans for the sixty minutes ...

If we are blown away whos watching anyway ....

The winners fans are still watching so little harm done if it's neeeded for a tie breaker,rather than a ball breaker as we are making it out to be.

The reason Berry has no class is because he whined and cried about it last year and accused the Don of running up the score. He was even caught on camera giving Mtl the finger.
Whining about it forfeits all rights to do it and doing it forfeits all right to whine about it

Here is an article titled "Friends or foes" posted yesterday by Perry Lefko on

"July 28, 2007
Friends and foes
It appears friendship only goes so far in the game of football.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats' head coach Charlie Taaffe and his Winnipeg Blue Bombers' counterpart Doug Berry are longtime friends.

It was Taaffe, in fact, who gave Berry his first pro coaching job in 1999. Taaffe was appointed head coach of the Montreal Alouttes that year after two seasons as the offensive co-ordinator and hired Berry, a veteran in the U.S. college ranks, as his offensive line coach.

In the pre-season this year, the two longtime friends faced one another for the first time as rival coaches. Taaffe said the two had a gentlemen's agreement to play "vanilla," essentially limitting the blitzes and coverages they would use with their teams. This was the first pre-season game and less than two weeks into training camp, hardly enough time to work on planning for playing against the opposition, so the two coaches decided not to go all-out with their schemes.

The two teams faced one another in the pre-season rematch. The two coaches allowed their squads to play with more of what they planned to use in the regular season. There was no animosity or sign of bitterness between Taaffe and Berry at the end of either game.

The latest encounter between the Bombers and Tiger-Cats on Friday at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg may have fractured their friendship or soured it.

Rather than run out the clock on the final play, Berry opted to try for an extremely long-range, low-percentage field-goal. The field-goal try was missed and the game ended 36-18.

Taaffe was visibly upset with Berry when they exchanged "greetings" at midfield.

Last year Berry and his defensive line coach, Greg Marshall, were miffed with Montreal head coach Don Matthews when he ran up the score in a game against the Bombers. Marshall was caught on film giving Matthews the finger.

What made the scenario interesting was that Berry had worked for Matthews for several years in Montreal.

There's a school of thought that when playing a divisional rival, you want to score as many points as possible in case the season series ends in a tie and points scored are needed to create separation.

Berry didn't do anything wrong, but what he may have considered poor sportsmanship a year ago became acceptable a year later.

The two teams and their head coaches face one another this Friday in Hamilton.

Very interesting."

just because the ticats can't score points doesn't mean winnipeg has to stop.

Divisional matchup. add on as many points as you can.

I have rarely agreed with anything Ron Lancaster says, but on a number of occasions, he has alluded to the fact that running up points against the opposition is poor sportsmanship and generally uncalled for.

I agree with him on this point, realizing that sometimes (rarely) it might be necessary to run up points if you believe the team you are doing it to, may have a record close to your own in entering the playoffs.

To his credit, and to my knowledge, Ron Lancaster never did this to anyone.

I completely agree with the theory that Winnipeg showed "no class" in attempting to do this to Hamilton and I hope our boys remember it next weekend.

:thdn: :thdn:

whereas I usually agree with Ron, but not his time.