Winnipeg's Coach Berry has zero class

Going for a field goal on the last play of a game in the bag. Great sportsmanship. I don't care if "total points" is a consideration if Winnipeg and Hamilton are tied after the regular season is done. You just don't do things like that. That's like spitting in a man's face when he's already down and out.

Just saw the tape of Taafe and Berry "shaking hands" at the end of the game. Taafe justifiably yelled at Berry, shook his hand violently, and was very close to punching him in the mouth. Good for you, Taafe. Remember that field goal. And when we play them at Ivor Wynne next week, do whatever it takes to get your revenge.

The long pass and the field goal were classless acts as far as I am concerned. Hopefully the team will remember that and seek revenge.

If this doesn't inspire a win by this team then I'll be forced to change the first part of my sig (going for 3).

Taffe is wrong for ranting about what he'd do himself if thats what he's upset about. It was the right call by Winnipeg. BTW mods whats with deleting posts?

That was a gutless call. Period.

If there is a tie in standings, doesn't season series scores count? If they do, that would be the reason for kicking that field goal. How nice would it have been if Karikari returned that miss for a touchdown?


Pinball very very much class, Barry no class.

lol Thats funny because Pinball lays a beating on Hamilton everytime they play...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

I would have to think that on the list of tiebreakers, the total points for/against is pretty far down the list. And with Winnipeg already having a tie this season, I think it is pretty far fetched that Winnipeg would finish with the same record as a team in the East, tie in head-to-head play, divisional record, and so on ...

Bottom line it showed little class and sportsmanship.

And to say Charlie Taaffe would have done the same thing is pure speculation when you have no idea what Coach Taaffe would do.

In essence, you are saying that Coach Taaffe lacks sportsmanship as well. And that is a bit of an insult to him don't you think? Or are you still upset because he hasn't put Timmy Chang in yet and this is just how your displeasure manifests itself?

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We play Winnipeg four times this year folks. So in theory we could go 2-2 against them, and it would come down to total points, so going for the field goal was the right call.

If we only played them 3 times this year then you don't really need to bother with the late field goal because your focus is more on winning 2 of the 3 games (since ties are extremely rare).

Are the people who thought it was the right call also Steve Spurrier fans as well?

Just wondering ...

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from Pinball and the CFL Official Site. The fact is every coach is forced to do the same thing. Its not about character at all

"When you lose you find things to get pissed about. Seriously, it's not a big deal. Who cares about 100 yards. We won, that's what's important."

Clemons obviously does. He didn't go for the chipshot field goal because Prefontaine was playing hurt so Clemons figured if the Argos could get the extra TD on the ground, then it could help the team down the road.

"The reality is we play them four times . . . and there is a greater likelihood of a tiebreaker and the first tiebreaker is points," he said. "You always have to think ahead and have knowledge of what the system is and what it can lead to. "

"If this was the third game and we had won the first two we would've just taken a knee."

Read my post in the cfl section regarding this from a Bomber point of View

I will repeat that while I beleive the field goal was unnessary and not a smart move I think this had to do with westwood confidence rather than dissing the cats...however it was a bad call in my opinion

ON the last touch an 11 point lead is hardly safe in this league and I would have been really upset if they had packed it in with that slim a lead and that much time left. Even my kids soccer team that I have coached get upset if the other team packs it in in a lop sided game. Its more insulting to diddle around and not try than play the game in my mind.

On another note ticats fans. Your team is getting better and I believe they are not out of this thing yet. A defence that is getting more hardnosed and an offense that is turning it around, just gotta get Maas to settle down a bit. You have a monster of a running back in lumsden and some good young receivers, an improving o-line and a great young mlb.
This season is not over yet by any stretch. Next week against the bombers as ticat victory written all over it for many reasons including the inspiration from the last second field goal try

I din’t feel the play was the wrong thing to do ,he went for points as he should do because they count in a tie breaker.

Pinball has class?Yes on the outside appearance ,but he’s a cutthroat coach who will do anything to make his team better and he has run up scores against us before ,who hasn’t ?
Problem is we’re sick and tired of it (losing) and all these teams actually look better than us but we are looking better every game ,l;ittle consolation,as we are 0-5 and the feelings are that of a leaky ship sinking again but the crew is better …

I real football fan Kudos good post

I'm just going to go ahead and throw this one out there and I am not agreeing with what Barry did but, wouldn't it be the Cats fault for not being far enough in the lead in the first place? If Hamilton had played well enough, they would have never been in position for that to happen!

A novel concept, win the game. You are hereby banned from the fanclub

I could care less about Berry and have no opinion as to if he has any class, but, absolutely NOTHING wrong with going for that field goal. NOTHING. Repeating points others have made many times. Football is 60 MINUTES. Score as much as you can, even if you ahead 100 - 0. Its pro sports, not little league. Quit being a bunch of crybabies who so easily get your feelings hurt.

Berry did the right thing. Maybe some guys have performance bonuses in their contracts. Maybe he just wanted to give some guys some additional reps. Maybe he's thinking ahead to point tiebreakers. Maybe he just wanted to send the hometown fans home a little happier. Who knows, who cares?!!! What a bunch of whiners!!

If the Cats didn't like it, they could always try and stop them.

An Argo-Cat fan