Winnipeg's about to eat it!

That's right Bombers, feel the pressure. The last place Riders are going to smash you to pieces.

Can you feel it? Because it's happening whether you like it or not.

Swaggerville will be Gaggerville come Labour Day Sunday!

The more you disbelieve, the worse the beating is going to be.

Know it. Feel it.

This is CFL.


I’d sure love to believe so, but I think it’s more about how will Winnipeg Play rather than how Saskatchewan will Play.

if the Bombers come out prepared and focused then forget it. :cry:

Trust me I WANT the Riders to win.

Rider players/management have just about run out of excuses for their 1 - 7 start, I expect nothing less than a grade A performance from them on Sunday.

Gaggerville? Wow... :expressionless:

well,the bombers have now been warned.

... pressure?

Haven't you been let down enough this year? Why set yourself up again?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most WPG fans are going to be a little nervous about this next week is a different story..... :rockin:

peanut butter jelly time!!

oh sorry. that donut made me think of that.

here’s the billboard now up in Regina:

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

I L O V E these billboards! I hope all the teams take a cue and start doing it regularly!

Riders have had a Take the Rider billboard up for weeks, what took those hicks so long?

We at least BB were smart enough to use a billboard they can recycle. Just have to change two numbers for each of the next two games. The 1 becomes a 2, and the next week the 2 becomes a 3. :rockin: :rockin:

Go Riders!
The Alouettes will take all the help they can get

Maybe you can spike the Bombers' Gatorade with whatever Kool-aid you've been drinking


green kool-aid obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

but no doubt, i have to admit ,this labour day game could go either way, i'm not sure.. but reality here is.. if the riders win, it's actually ok.. even if the als win...riders are in the west.. it doesnt, well, for as much hype as this game gets, the games that will matter most to how wpg and montreal finish are the games they play against each other.

im ok with a bomber loss to western division opponents, 1 game lost this year, dont make the schedule right,just play the games so...that game was to calgary.. sucks but would hurt more if that 1 game was to hamilton or toronto who are in our own division.. nawmean?



so... some rider fans talk about how swaggerville is a silly name.. well, atleast unlike rider nation, its original.. where have i heard nation thing with football.. ahh yes EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL. hey, add a strategicaly placed A to rider and.. what do you get. rAider nation..

but since u wanna make fun, and thats cool... GAGGERVILLE? sure.. I guess thats ok Its all in good fun.. how about CONSTAPATION NATION...? constapnation even..

i mean really.. u can be more creative.. GAG? how so? the d is best in the league in like ALL CATEGORIES.. how does that equate to making one want go GAG.. are we football fans? i am, i can admit, hey.. calgary is pretty good.. i hate em cuz im a bomber fan and winnipeg resident but.. calgary is good, hamilton.. biggest d-bags in the league play for hamilton, their fans after a loss are just.. wow.. its all about the mistakes the ticats made, they never give credit to the other team.. its always what the ticats did to lose.. i still can admit the cats are a good team.. montreal, sick of them always in the cup final.. gets annoying for all fans.. do fans really want to see say calgary vs montreal.. or sask vs montreal or edmonton vs montreal or whoever the best western team is against montreal every year in the final? NO THANKS.. in the east montreal has dominated and i hate them cuz my bombers are in the east but montreal is good.. injuries are hurting them this year...

im a football fan.. and honestly, the bombers D regardless of what you say or think... if you dont think they are fun to watch... are u really a football fan?

big hits,fumbles, ints, great plays.. its fun to watch.. thats what every d wants to be like..

watch the game this sunday, watch how good the bomber D actually are.. you will see..

east is stronger than the west by a mile this year... 3 of the 4 best teams repping the east this year.

ill take an eastern powerhouse who is undefeated on the road and against their own stronger division..over a 1-7 team in the not as good as normal west.

final score.. WINNIPEG 38 SASK 13 ...JUST CUZ!!

and ill say this.. winnipeg is 7-1...

calgary is 6-2

calgary beat montreal and winnipeg... one could argue calgary is the "best " team... but due to wins and losses, the team with the most wins and least losses is always considered the best.. it's how sports is.. they have all played 8 games.. possible 16 points, winnipeg has 14.. calgary has 12... sask has 2. but... apparently.. some miracle is gonna happen in regina cuz well, for some reason, "rider nation"wants to believe they arent as bad as they seem.. go watch your games again.. take off your green colored glasses and see.. 2 out of 16 points... THAT SUCKS.. and a coach doesnt play on the field... oh ya also go look at the teams record late last year outside of the playoff run, miller was coaching that squad too and their record the last several games was not very good.. im saying this as a fan, but the riders problems run deeper than coaching..FANTUZ even played for that team that struggled mightily outside of 1 or 2 playoff games..

Would you pleeeease find other keys then B L A H and B L A H and B L A H on that keyboard of yours.

Dude's got a lot of pent up smack talk to dish out, having come out of the woodwork now after years of mediocrity not being able to use it all - his therapist told him it's good for him so consider us tolerating his verbal diharria as medicinal :slight_smile:

Same thing I say about some of my fellow Rider fans as we were on the rise in 2005-10 after years of futility: you'd think in that time he would have learned humility, not pomposity.

The pomposity coming out of Winnipeg is astounding, it's like Toronto on steroids, which I didn't think was even possible. I can't even hate the Argos, or Toronto anymore. Next to Winnipeg, Toronto comes across as humble and self-effacing. After hearing the deluge of arrogence coming the 'Peg, I look at Toronto and think 'Meh, they're not so bad.' I'm picking Winnipeg to sweep Saskatchewan, but I'm willing to be wrong, just to see the Bombers taken down several thousand notches...

For an evil doctor, you really do have thin skin, might want to find another profession. :lol: