Winnipeggers finally get a Grey Cup ring!

A 1984 Grey Cup ring presented to former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Dan Huclack was stolen during a violent robbery in the city on Monday. Police did not say whether the victim was Huclack. They did not release a name.

According to police, a 53-year-old man was walking on McDermot Avenue near Sherbrook Street just before noon when he was approached by two men. One of the men, believed to be armed with a weapon, demanded money from the man, police said. When he told the two men that he had none, he was kicked in the lower body, police said. Then he was robbed of the ring as well as a bag containing various medications.

The attackers then fled the area, and police were called. The 53-year-old was treated for minor injuries.

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Wow dude, that’s a really light-hearted heading for such a troubling story don’t you think??

I hope it wasn’t Dan that was hurt and that the ring gets recovered.

.....low-lifes getting desperate....It would take two or more of those thugs to get that ring from Huclack...even at 53...Someone will catch-up to them and they better pray it's the law... :wink:

......obviously BlueFace isn't very well informed....there's a few Winnpeggers with Grey Cup rings.....Ploen has a few and a guy by the name of Chris Walby...just for starters :stuck_out_tongue:

Blue Face likes to think he’s funny.

Terrible story…

The guy wears his GC ring around town? Now that's pride!

The main thing is he wasn't hurt badly. Friggin too many thugs and pieces of crap out there, I hope they get what's coming to them.

Good that he got it back. Much fail out there.
And people still mock Surrey thinking its a bad place. Winterpeg puts just even Prince George to shame.

If this the only way Winnipeggers can get a Grey Cup ring, it's probably best to put this sorry franchise out of its misery.
Watching the Suicide Bombers lose year after is like a kick in the groin.

Maybe football isn't your game...

His son is on the Riders, so I'm guessing he is wearing in support of his son. Entire article and interviews in yesterdays Leaderpost.