Winnipegger AGAINST the Bombers

Here is a interesting read from a former Blue Bomber fan.
What do you guys think?

The guy is a troll

His Avatar rules.

When did red&white 05 become a Rider fan :wink:

Piggy that was low. This guy that posted over there was looking for attention his mommy did not give him a hug so he needed some lovin. Now piggy go back to the fry area and get working. :lol: :lol: :lol:

thats guy can suck a nut. lol. true blue don't take kindly to fools like that.

last year at a bomber game i trashed talkked a couple times all game for being decked out in bomber gear and cheering on the lions in winnipeg

Whats funny is that some of the things he says about winnipeg are right. We are the murder capital of Canada and the traffic light capital of Canada.
No freeways, no express ways, just millions of red lights everywhere.
Winnipeg in my eyes must have been planned by senior citizens.

I too love his avatar. I myself am a Winnipeger who is a die hard Montreal fan.

Why trash Winnipeg? This is football nothing more.

No where did I trash Winnipeg, I just said that he was right as those above are actual stats and I find it funny.
And beleave it or not, it does effect football. Winnipegs problems are the reasons why our new stadium has not started its first construction phase.
I seem to recall "we need to fix our city before any money goes to a new stadium"
Its the backwards mentality that is all around Winnipeg that chases new skyscrappers away, city growth away, and the chance to have a new stadium.
So no trashing from me, just accurate observations.

I hear Papa and Piggy have bought him a one way ticket to Regina.

Yes in a body bag!

having spent 15 yrs in exile in winnipeg, its not my desire to defend the place, but damn, I just gotta.

As for freeways and express ways, what about the perimeter. Anyways, winnipeg is not big enough to need expessways and freeways running through it. The wagon wheel design has both its pluses and minuses. I never found traffic there any worse than anywhere else I have lived. Too much traffic sucks everywhere. Its all relative. When my wife and I had to travel 20 minutes down portage to get to work, we thought it too much, so we moved. Then we ended up out here in GVRD having to travel between 90mins and 2hrs. Now we within 30 minutes of work and we feel lucky.

Consider yourself lucky if you are not becoming inundated with skyscrapers and so called city growth. Vancouver was a way better city 40 yrs and hundreds of thousands of people ago.

First of all understand that I posted this thread to show the humour in the postings.

Winnipeg might be to small to have a freeway but its also to small to have the traffic problems it has. You can not compare the traffic problems of other cities with Winnipeg because its apples and oranges. Calgary or Vancouver has traffic problems because of over population, Winnipegs traffic problems are self inflicted just as this poster said.
To travel through Winnipeg, all traffic is force to go through downtown where you have lanes used for parking or taken away for sidewalk expansion.
You have corydon, grant, pembina, st marys, dakota and st anne combining a total of 13 lanes merging into a one lane osbourn villiage.
How is that not something to complain about?
I can give you several examples like that throughout the city.
And the perimetre should have never been build. It is not even inside the city, but around it and does not help the traffic within the city.
Winnipeg is also the dollar store capital of north america because Winnipeg is the cheapest city in North America.
That is why it took 50 years to build the Charleswood Bridge.
As I said in another posting, Winnipegs average speed is 13.5 KM/H because of all the red lights.
All I asked of Winnipeg is better planning, instead its becoming less practicle every year.
And whats wrong with jokingly laughing at Winnipeg? The Simpsons do all the time.
As far as the Bombers go, I like the Bombers but hate our stadium. Because I want to see a new stadium in the city, then yes, this unpracticle cheap mentality of Winnipeg will chase away Aspers dream and every Blue Bomber fans dream too.
So yes, this does effect the Bombers.

Growth in Winnipeg has to be defined Footballyoubet. When buildings are sitting empty and downtown sidewalks are empty on a saturday afternoon, then growth plays a large part of the problem because of yet again, poor planning.
I am scared to say that Winnipeg may not see a new stadium even though I wil fight for it as much as I can.

....who in their right mind would give this guy the time of day....i've already said too much about this guy and his comments...someone must be peeing in his corn flakes every morning....i agree BeerBarons the city has lots of work ...but if you take a REAL good look at alot of other metropolitan areas in Canada...i'm sure you can come up with a few problems and degenerating conditions i those cities......the Peg will be fine.. :wink:

Just like it drove away the Chipmans and the True North centre?

As a guy who moved here from SK, I used to hate Winnipeg. I never liked the look of the city when I visited it at all. However, having lived here for several years now, I would say while it has it's problems, it's actually a pretty solid city.

The layout is problematic but that is what you get when you combine several small communities and grow them together as was done here.

I sometimes wish I resented Winnipeg a bit more but I just can't hate the place for any reason. I love the park and the forks and all the good home cooked meals at local establishments. Manitobans are cool too.


Every board has at least one...

Yes every city has its problems, but Winnipeg seems to make its own problems worse. That is the case I am presenting you.

You have all the traffic in the city being directed into downtown and what do they do, they take away a lane. Now is that making the city better or worse?
Another gripe I have is the Kenaston Expansion. Kenaston used to be 90km single lane. Then the expanded it to 2 lanes and linked in up with Bishop which was a great idea, BUT they killed its purpose by dropping the speed limit to 80km and throughing red lights all over it. Again self inflicted. How many more red lights in this city do we need?
That is where I am getting at. Ask any Hyrdo worker if they are happy about being re-located downtown and you will hear one ticked off Hydro worker.
Yes Winnipeg has some good things to offer too, but my point is, the good things are slowly starting to disappear.
Hey I used to love the forks until they put that hotel park land. Historic land I might add. What a eye sore. I used to love downtown Winnipeg when it had life,lol
I used to love the Winnipeg Jets.
mmmmm mmmmm and the home cooked meals too.