Tonight Winnipeg beat the Argos with good defense. To build a championship team you need to build from the defense up not the other way around. And to build a good defense you firstly need to find a good defensive minded coach. Congrats to Winnipeg on the win.

Still don't think they make the playoffs, unless they crossover to the West (if that's still possible this season).

I guess the argos aren't going 18-0...

The crossover is in effect this year.

As for 18-0, makes you want some popcorn...LMAO

It just proves how vital Damon Allen is for the Boatmen to win. Three to five more weeks of this and they will be in deep. Next up is Dickenson and BC...good luck because they will be steamrollered with another effort like that!

Oski Wee Wee,

Good thing for the Argos that the Bombers couldn't get everything going on offence.It could have been real embarassing.

i was impressed with Doug Berry's defensive schemes.

like Ike Charlton, great find.
like some of the receivers they found as well.

kevin glenn looks like he has improved. i guess getting some players helps him out

Re defense wins championships

I noted months ago that Winnipeg seemed to be taking an opposite approach to the season than the Cats.

While the TiCats were building/signing/trading for an impressive group of offensive players, Bombers were going all out to build their defense (starting with the "not to be out bid" Barrin Simpson signing).

Recall back to the Ralph Sazio days when the (boring) Cats offense often stunk out the joint but the defense was such that they didn't need to score a lot of points.


Have to agree. Special teams and defense go a long way to winning in the CFL. The Argos have not had much offense for years, and still had good results.

I'm tired of having the worst special teams in the league. We constantly lose yards on kicks and kick returns, not to mention points on missed field goals. IMO Noel Prefontaine is almost as valuable as Damon Allen, and I don't understand why someone doesn't smoke him when he goes down field.

Regarding their d schemes ... is Greg Marshall not the D co-ordinator out there ?

Secondly, did anybody else hear the sound bite from the sideline early in the 1st half ? ... one of the Bomber D linemen said "that's what happens when you get someone who knows what the he!@ they are doing" ... a reference to their new coaches I believe.

More importantly ... did any of the Ticat BRASS hear the comment ?

Do yourself and the fanship a favour and FIND an available defensive co-ordinator ... SOON ... before you FLUSH ANOTHER SEASON DOWN THE TOILET !