3rd all the way if we get lucky 2nd but not 1st

This question on the Argos section...Hmm okay.

Unless they find a starting QB, they'll improve to forth. Can't see them passing Edmonton BC or Calgary.

Fourth for sure. Third is a possibility, nosing out BC, if (a) BC doesn't do anything to improve that sieve of an offensive line, and (b) Dickenson goes down for an extended period.

I will pick 3rd as no higher options. I think the bombers are realistically the 2nd best in the west. I'm not so sure about smilin hank in CGY. He's good to give away a game or 2. .... or 3... and that is all we may need to sneek into 2nd. Contrary to popular belief, I KNOW that Kevin Glenn is a young QB on the rise, and with the addition of Berry as Coach & Mentor we will see a vaaaast improvement. He wasn't that horrible last year....


lol....good call nick....i guess with the worst receiving core and the worst QB in the league ur on ur way LOL

Glenn isn't the worst, and they have some of the best receivers in the league IMO. I would love to see the Bombers take first and win the West Division title, but that's not gonna happen this season. 3nd place and a playoff spot however is.

(pardon me for talking on this on the Argo forum)

glenns far from the worst, and stegall brazell and albert johnson easily beat out calgarys copeland lewis and the rest of their nameless sack of crap recievers. on top of that charles roberts easily beasts out that guy you have, i can't even remember his name he sucks so much!

ok whos Glenn better then??

calvillo- no
ricky ray -no
dave dickenson-no
nealon greene-maybe
henry burris-no
jason maas-no
damon allen-no
kerry joseph - no

so hes second worst in the league

and brazzell better then calagarys receivers LOL i hate calgary but your receiving core is the worst in the west....

brazzell - tucker= tucker wins
milk stegal - mookie mitchell= mookie wins
i dunno the rest of ur crap receivers other the stoddard who is the worst receiver in the cfl...yes he is worst then jason french!

who's glenn better than
calvillo- no
ricky "sucks hard" ray- easily
dave "wus bag" dickenson- glenn can take a hit and play the next game so i'd rather have glenn
nealon grenn- easily
henry burris- equal
jason "should have kept him" maas- he's better than ray, but barely better than glenn
damon allen- no
kerry "the whole team" joseph- i'll tell you when he doesn't have to play every position on the team

…you are an idiot…nuf said…

LOL better then ray huh HOW MANY RINGS DOES RAY HAVE 2 HOW MANY GREY CUPS HAS HE MADE 3. HOW MANY YEARS HAS HE BEEN IN THE LEAGUE 3.............thats a 75% grey cup rate with ray...and how much with glennn LOL...have fun with your drugs buddy

brazzel - tucker= tucker, but barely
stegall vs mookie= milt stegall the career touchdown reception leader easily wins, no compition.
who else play there? ummm.......................................................Kwame cavil? no he ws traded.....................ed hervey? what's he done lately, nothing, he's a burn out....................................................... i'd take winnipegs offence over edmonton's. plus whos your running back? troy davis. Charles roberts beats out every RB in the league , no compition. better be careful with troy next season, with your crappy o-line old man davis will break a hip!

........what a nearsighted homer......go buy a dictionary too.....(thats sounds like dik-shun-air-eeeee in case you need help)........

naaahhhhh. i don't need a dikshunarie. i blame the skewl sydem. thay need moor muny

2/3=75%?i see they don't teach math in edmonton any more, but i guess in the special ed courses they have a hard time

you're an idiot........ can't even come up with a reply....... probably because my post is true.......... you and redwhite just prove my point of calgary having the worst fans in canada, if not all of north america ....... plus people from calgary smell like cow crap all the time......calgary is a crappy city anyways

Actually last summer My uncle from Calgary flew me out there. (he does it with all my cousins). I was impressed. Its a very nice city.

I see you dont have your city listed in your profile. Too embarrassed?

he is a idiot cuz he is a Bomber fan and has high hops for his team???, explain this RW please.

and remember, you mess with one Bomber fan, you have to deal with the whole group cuz we stick together.

and Bear, we need a better QB, Glenn is good but he can't hold his own.