winnipeg won today.. no playoffs now?

winnipeg won today so we are pretty much out of the playoffs but!!! if they lose the rest and we win the rest we will be tied with them at 7 wins and if we win the oct 15 game against them we will win the season series and be in the playoffs.

If Wpg loses the rest and Ham wins the rest of there games, it goes without out saying that Ham will beat Wpd on Oct 15th.

It does not take in to consideration however that EE could cross over

So what you are saying is we are not mathematically eliminated yet. Yes?

On the post game show Friday on 630 CHED, Edmonton's version of 900 CHML, Brian Hall said something about the mathematics of the Eskimos chances to make the playoffs to Ed Hervey who responded with, when you start talking about not being mathematically eliminated, that means you are a bad team.

The funny part of that, the next interview Brian Hall did was with Ricky Ray and Ray said "we are not mathematically eliminated yet".

so basiclly, ray hasnt given up and hervey has...which is why rays stats are so good, yet his team cant win...his team is heartless.

both have good points.

a team like the eskimos shouldn't be holding on to faint hope such as "we're not officially out yet" re: hervey

however you like hearing something like "we're not out of it yet boys" from your leader, your QB.

not a completely bad thing in edmonton.

(still hoping the streak breaks.)

Neither team is officially out of it yet, but I don't think we should be waiting for quarter from the governor, either.

I don't know guys, things are kind of looking up, we certainly put a nail in the esks proverbial coffin, i think that 2 loss set is enough to put them in the ground. The bombers have to play us, calgary, and BC... the only problem is we face BC twice. Nothing's out of the question... but it's pretty unlikely.

Bad news: we have to win every game for the rest of the season to have a shot.

Good news: if we do that, there are (IIRC) 4 teams that could lose the rest of their games, and we'd be in... Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and (I think) Sask. for the crossover.

Could happen, but see my previous post.

No, the most wins we could get is 7, which would tie any of those teams. But Montreal and toronto both have the tiebreaker over us and in order to cross over you have to have a better record, not a tie.
So Winnipeg is the only team we can catch.

Thanks for the info, JFL... that means we're looking for the 'Peg to be pounded into the ground.

Bottom Line:

If Winnipeg wins one more game, .. OR ... Hamilton loses one more game (either way) - ... "We're Done".

Hamilton loses one matter what Winnipeg does ... "We're Done".

Winnipeg wins one more - no matter what Hamilton does ... "We're Done".

(It's a "1 or 1" scenario) ... any combination, and.. "We're Done"

Start hoping!! (mostly for next year though)

(It doesn't matter what Toronto, or Montreal does from here on in)