Winnipeg weather

I know it is still a few days off but does anyone know the weather forcast for Sunday?

Here is the latest:

"The good news for fans who have purchased tickets is that Sunday's forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 3 C"

[url=] ... d/CAXX0547[/url]

The bad news though is that the forcast could easily change to "Temperature falling to -10 in the afternoon with snow beginning; amounts 10 - 15 cm." by Saturday night/Sunday Morning, it tends to do that here. :smiley:

Thats not bad news its good new…I love a Grey Cup game in the snow… I hope the Als packed their staple guns :lol:

Yeah I'd love to see the game in the snow as well, I was just stating it as bad news just to counter the "good" news :lol:

....some of the better Grey Cups have been played in difficult weather conditions....i'll never forget the white-out in Toronto...where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face,,,,and it took till the next day to come-up with a winner....Winnipeg prevailed in what is known as the infamous Fog Bowl... 8) :rockin:

who cares about the weather, beer makes all weather tolerable. I, for one, plan on making a fool of myself, rain or shine.

It looks like weather wont be a factor unless the winds pick up and blow some of Nellys clothes off during half time.

the most important question is how are the winnipeg women?

The only things to be concerned about are rain and/or wind.
If it is cold, wear another sweater!
But right now, the forcast looks pretty good for Sunday.
Sunny, no wind, and nearly average temperatures for this time of year.

Knock on wood!