Winnipeg weather

I just hope the weather wont be too much of a negative factor on the game Sunday.
Why are they starting the game 5:00pm Winnipeg time.
It will be dark and very cold.
I think it sould be an earlier start.
The Lions should not have too much problem controlling the game regardless of the weather. They are just too dominant in all aspect of the game.
They are all healthy and on a roll.
I really feel the Lions are out to prove something to everyone this year.
I have been a lions fan for many many years and this is one of the best teams top to bottom they have had in a long long time, coaching included.

Weather probably is not a major factor. Both teams have equal time to prepare in Winnipeg. One myth is that BC plays worser outside but BC always practices outside at Surrey. When weather is bad, BC seems to cope as well as their opponents.

I was starting to worry about the lions playing in the weather back east..But getting the feeling of sundays game back in my bones took that fear away. They were on fire and we could all feel it. What a game, we hated to leave the stands. Im sure with their focus on the cup and their team spirit we will win regardless of the weather.