Winnipeg weather forecast

From Environment Canada:

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Thursday Sunny. Low minus 10. High plus 5.

Friday Sunny. Low plus 2. High 10.

Saturday Sunny. Low plus 3. High 9.

Sunday Sunny. Low minus 1. High 7.

Monday Sunny. Low minus 2. High 6.

:rockin: So, given that there is no apparant rain or snow anywhere in their forecast for even Monday, the odds of it being dry and clear on Sunday are pretty solid.

good stuff.
Last thing we need is something to screw our chances of winning up.

Big question is the wind. I think a strong wind is not good for Bishop who likes to throw it up a lot. Look at how bad Durant looked trying to throw deep on Saturday.

Oh well we have Kevin Glenn who played in Winnipeg for five years or so, so he is very use to the weather conditions in Winterpeg, wind, snow, rain etc. If we play hard nosed defensive TI-CAT football, stop Fred Reid and the run, shutdown the Bombers/Bishop pass attack and punch the ball in the end zone when we get on Offense and to the red zone we will come away victorious. Also, watch out for the fake punt with Westwood on the run, if he runs, he is open game, HAMMER Westwood AND the Bombers HARD, THE TI-CAT WAY!!


CyberCat, you just nailed it.

The weather doesn't matter a lot. its a "fenonimen" (sp?) that cannot be escaped in sports, but both teams are faced with the same thing, just as we were with Saskatchewan last weekend. We showed we can counter "wind" last week, the Spies play in it all the time.

Neither does the "noise" get as important. Wpg Stadium is way more open, and the fans much further from the field, sound is reduced as a factor as a function of a cube, (ie the third power), so it gets down to a few different things.

"Heart" not "coaching". The Bombers are in "rebuild" and a bunch of their players understand they are being let go

Injuries, more than weather play their part. Their guys got pretty banged up against the Larks in a "nothing" game, and you must wonder if the key guys will return, or be re-injured at any giving point. The Cats seem pretty healthy, and the light blue jobs seem troubled. Their top reciever is questionable, and their QB is prime game for a hit

Their secondary is questionable with injuries, their big return guy is hurting.

I hope that "Fred X" is going to come to understand that its just not going to get there, or that the Tabbie DLine knows how to contain him.

Beat up on Bishop, as he's their only hope, the backup is hopeless.

Secure passing for our O. Their secondary are ballhawks, depending on who is fit to dress and play...the flu swept through Saskatchewan last could hit either team this Sunday.

The Weather? Too easy to get through.

All the other issues?

A pretty complex pile. Is MB up to it, let alone the team?

I think we need to bet the mortgage on it.

Kevin Glenn and Greg Marshall know where to exploit that team, and Otis Floyd is just raring to show what they can do.

Carefully select "HAMILTON" on the Sports Select ticket this week, and bet heavy and often

Used to the weather conditoins? sunny and 9C!!!
That is better conditions than we have seen in Hamilton the past coupld of

Still looking good!

(the forecast for the wind conditions should appear by tomorrow)

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The Weather Network predicts SW @ 15 km/hr.
That would favour the team on the right of your TV screen

I bet the mosquitoes are still around !!

lol, no thank god, the skeets are done, but there are moths out tonight, in November :?

Even better weather predicted now (the day before). 10 degrees and winds down to SW @ just 10 km/hr.