Winnipeg wants to host NFL exhibition game

Interesting idea, I wonder if the ticats could get a Bill’s game here.

How did that work out for the Argos hosting the Bills games? No real NFL fan support and diminished CFL fan support, and that is with Buffalo just an hour away.

If I’m the Cats, I’m passing on this type of promotion.

I did think of the bills/ toronto experience as well. As a one off, it would be an interesting novelty, doubt there would be any damage to the ticats as a result.

It is funny that the bills and sabres don’t play some neutral site games to try and grow their fanbase.

Copps is to outdated now, but 20 years ago they could have played a regular season game or two here to that end.

Anything that utilizes our 150M stadium more then it is now is a good thing in my view.

Winnipeg hosting an NFL Exhibition game is a good idea ,big difference between Winnipeg and the TO , Winnipeg has a much different breed of real fans in every sport .
Much hardier people looking for a good time and a good team to cheer for just like their neighbours to the West .
No sitting on your hands having a cocktail during the game while their seats are empty like the Toronto fans ,even heard one Toronto Fan complain about too much noise when they had to play here…

Wish I wasn’t a Leaf Fan , born with that sickness …

Why would you pay top dollar to watch an NFL pre-season game ?The starters don’t play. If you’re the CFL, you are watching sports dollars leave the community, for a foreign country . I don’t get it !

If you want to watch NFL football, go watch it in Buffalo, Detroit, Minneapolis, or Seattle. :frowning: This is Canada. Support your local team, not some team that couldn’t find your city on a map of North America .

John Gruden laughed when he heard that the Raiders might play in Regina. That should tell you all you need to know about the NFL attitude toward Canada . To the American educated public, we are mere “drawers of wood and hewers of water”. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the proud Canadian guy and CFL guy)

J. Gruden doesn’t know who we are and I don’t watch NFL so don’t know tweet about him either… I’ve watched a high percentage of CFL games televised and I’ve never watched an American game from start to finish, but I’d get a kick outa watching a exhibition game here .
It can’t be as bad as a NHL pre season game can it? They are boring .
Use the Stadiums ,better than a foreign Rock group playing here ,there’s lots of interest , might even make new fans .

Hamilton fans are not toronto fans, although I suspect we supply a large percentage to toronto teams.

You can cure yourself off the leaf illness, I did!

Once i realized they are the #1 reason hamilton doesn’t have a team to call its own, it was easy to turf them.

If only the rest of hamilton would do the same, it might have an impact.

I always equate to fellow ticat fans, imagine if the argos had “territorial” rights that prevented Hamilton from having the ticats. We’d all be Argo fans, can you imagine?!

The leafs are the Argos of hockey, but hamiltonians bury their heads in the sand on this.

Who says it would be top dollar? And I do support my ticats.

I think the NFL attitude towards the CFL has improved quite a bit, or away least the attitude of the average American has. ESPN was going to broadcast a game from THF a when it opened, but the delays derailed that. Casual mentions of the CFL on tv or internet strike me as being much more positive then I believed they were from our friends to the south. All the new fans on these very boards when Manziel mania hit were respectful and wanted to learn about our game.

I don’t think the isolationest policy works anymore (of it ever did).

8)Wow, you make reference to Americans not knowing anything about Canada or the CFL, and then
you make that ridiculous comment that most Canadians couldn’t find most NFL cities on a map
of North America !! (That comment I will agree with) since most young people are dummies that
graduate from high school in Canada these days !!! :-[

As far as John Gruden is concerned, he certainly knows about the CFL, specifically the TiCats.

Probably knows a lot more about the CFL than most CFL fans living in Canada do !!

Met him at Tampa airport 3 years ago, and he immediately acknowledged my TiCat coaches shirt
and said, “hey, the Hamilton Tiger Cats” !!! :slight_smile:

But in your opinion, he’s just another dumb American ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Tipper, you have to work on your reading comprehension skills ! I never said that most Canadians couldn’t find American cities on a map of North America . Re-read my post.

So according to you, the guy that has difficulty reading," most young people are dummies".

Your Honour, I rest my case. Oh my gawd , the worst case of irony I’ve seen in awhile.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

  1. I re read it and that is what you said…regardless of what you say now !!

I notice that you don’t mention Gruden, other than you believe he laughed at the mention of a
game being played in Regina, of which I would laugh at also !!!

Yes, most young people are dummies in this country, they can’t even add or subtract without a
calculator of computer in their hand, let alone make change in a store without those same
calculators in their little hands ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Your Honour I rest my case !!!


I re read it and that is what you said…regardless of what you say now !! "

Sorry Tipper but you did misread that…

" Yes, most young people are dummies in this country, they can’t even add or subtract without a
calculator of computer in their hand, let alone make change in a store without those same
calculators in their little hands


Sad but mostly true. You can put that at the feet of parents who don’t spend even the slightest amount of time going over the basics like multiplication tables. Screen time has turned kids (for the most part) into zombies with the attention span of gnats. It has become so bad that a portion of our younger generation is starting to have difficulty understanding body language and even maintaining eye contact in a conversation. My buddy’s kid would rather text to his friend next door instead of talking face to face. Pretty sad state of affairs.

I’m going to disagree with you fully on this. I’ve got a child who’s just started high school this year, and what she’s learning now is two years ahead of what I did at her age. She’s learning math in grade 9 that I didn’t even see in high school at all.

It’s just different than what you went through. They’re not dummies. Far, far from it. Education has progressed and apparently left you behind.

Anyway, back to football

How did we go from a pre-season NFL game in Winnipeg to arguing about the quality of grade 9 math education in Ontario? I will second the “back to football” motion.
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You can’t be surprised on this forum ?. Tipper was likely tipping something down his throat?.???

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You told me a year ago that I was on your foe list, so how did you even see this posting ??

Unreal, for sure !!!

I had forgiven you. Thought you deserved another chance. Guess I was wrong again?

You know, if the mods upset you and this seems to be a recurring problem, there is a simple solution . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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