Winnipeg vs Toronto Gameday Thread

Great start by Bishop and the Bombers! We'll see if they can keep it up.

The Bish is lookin good in the bomber uniform.
Kerry needs some receivers who not only catch the ball, but don't fumble either. he has a bunch of no-namers as pass-catchers.

They should double cover Edwards because every play has been to him so far!

Did I just see Bishop in shotgun? Wow Kelly, what happened? I thought that was just in Pop Warner.

Whoa! I thought this game didn't start until 6 pm EST. What happened? :?

they waited 'til u weren't lookin, then changed it.

#84 Lucas looks like he might be someone worth keepin an eye on.
Kerry might have a receiver he can trust.

They skrewed up your daily trip to Wendy's ? :lol:

1- That playing surface is a disgrace...

2- The number of turnovers this year is unreal

Both defense's are frustratingly difficult to play against for the offense's. Just like the Bomber/Argo tilts of old.

KJ has had 2 picks go off receivers and into the hands of blue bombers.

worst receiving corps in the league.

toronto could be leading by 10 or more if these receivers could catch a ball.

after a hot start, the bombers offence has gone very very cold.

looks like im the only one talkin about the game....

Apparently. :lol:

I've been trying to fix my TV for the last hour so I could watch the game. I had a few people over last night, and one of them pressed a bunch of buttons on one of the remotes and messed up my TV. Figures the game is over when I finally get it fixed. :lol:

typical bishop game....totally inept, yet gets the win.

this argo offence is a struggling unit.

Good teams, win ugly, so do ugly teams. I threw up a few times watching this one, simply ghastly.

I only watched the last 2 minutes… lucky me I guess.

Medlock has a heck of a leg… missed a 57 yard field goal by a couple of inches. :o Wow!

It was an interesting game IMO. Andrus just cost the Argos a game. Winnipeg can send him a gift certificate to the Keg for the 2 points.

Bishop started off very, very well with a deeper playbook will have a good season with the Bombers, they will battle Hamilton for a home playoff game. Very tough to manage the last 3 minutes for rookie coach. Trestman mentionned it last year too.

Okay I'll bite; how did Andrus cost the Argos the game? I thought it was Medlock who hit the post on the FG try . . . after Medlock/Eiben took a delay of game penalty. . .

...I thought Medlock played really well for the argos....and Renaud showed us we finally have a kicker...How do you get a time count violation on that play?????mystery....Reminds me of the Bombers/Esks. game earlier in the year when the BigBlue took a stupid penalty on a tying field/goal attempt....ya gotta wonder???? :roll:

If I were a Bomber fan , I would not be too excited over this game. You still managed only 13 pts, yes its only Bishop's first game and he needs time to get accustomed to his receivers, but IMO, the offence will still struggle. This was a game that was damned boring to watch.. and the poor Argo fans had no booze to drown their sorrows with.. alcohol sales were banned at Rogers Centre for today's game... :?