Winnipeg vs Toronto Game Day Thread...

I don’t see one but if someone else has started one and i missed it just lock or delete this. Liked the play call by the Don to try and draw Winnipeg offside and take the penalty and then kick the field goal.

Probably catch this during intermissions. Watching the London Knights game right now.

I hope Joe Smith doesn't find that spare contact lens.

But then again, there is always Fred Reid.

I thought it was a designed play rather than a screw up as well

Did the play calling of the bombers call for that perfect passs to the Argos??

Some where Troy Westwood is saying "How the hell did I lose my job to HIM!!!"

No. He knows he didn't "lose" his job. It was stolen from him by a dishnonest coach.

7-6 Bombers. Well, anything is better than what happened at the last meeting of these teams.

What happened to Stokes?

Knights game is done. We won 4-1. Time to turn this game on, and if Toronto wins, knocking both teams to 5-10, then I'm going to start campaigning for a CIS team to make the playoffs.

lol! The UofS Huskies are doin’ pretty good … again. Give Brian Towress a call. :rockin:

Toronto is absolutely pathetic. How do you give up that many rushing yards in the last 2 minutes? Winnipeg ran all over them... :?

The fat lady is singing on the Argos season, put a fork into it and I am not talking about this weekendsTgiving meal.
Same can be said about Joseph he appears done.

The Argos played like a team fighting for their lives on a night when Glenn was off, but showed why they haven't won a game in the last 5. Their lines, D and O are what need to be revamped, they lost the game in the trenches tonight.