Winnipeg Vs Saskatchewan - Sunday Sept 2nd

hey.. ok first off.

I am going to my first game in Regina since the Grey Cup in 2003! :rockin:

I dunno if I want to meet anyone though... :lol:

should be a great game!!

And the other question is. . .

Does anyone want to meet you ?



Wasn’t being nasty, just some lighthearted fun. . . please note the smiley.

Madjack will meet you at the pizza pie stand inside entrance. You will know him because he will be the one wearing red high heels :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wasn't being nasty, just some lighthearted fun. . . please note the smiley. :slight_smile: :smiley: :thup:

Now that was nasty. No amount of smilies could survive the sarcasm.

Tell me you are kidding, if not that`s quite a double standard to say the least.

Not a chance of that happening.

I can't stand pizza. . .

Lol And he answers in light hearted fun. So nothing nasty to discuss.

If I see a dude in red high heels ... I'll let u guys know. Also I'll tell that Stamps fan to go home, they aint playing in Regina this week!

Now that was a great comeback! I think MadJack may have some potential, I am very encouraged :thup:

Somethings wrong here....Rider fans have been way too civil leading up to this game. It's almost eery quiet.
Anyways, I'm really looking forward to seeing Willis again. I'm sure he's pumped for this game, and will probably play his best game this year. If he can't show up for this game, somethings wrong.
I also read in the paper today that Jo Lobo will start. Why would the Riders plug him in already? He can't be ready yet, can he?
Here's to the Bombers turning their season around! Go Blue!

The bandwagon tends to get a little empty when your team's on a five-game losing streak. Just sayin... :smiley:

The Rider faithful are coming after you now. :wink:

One can't argue about the truth.

Yee-haw! Finally … it’s Labour Day Classic time … only my favourite holiday of the entire year. Wish I was at Mosiac again this year so I could personally hear the crowd silenced by half time. Go Bombers!

When was the last time the Bombers won in Regina? 2004? 05?....

I'm excited for some Labour Day football. The BC-Montreal game was great, but it just isn't a tradition LD match-up.

I'm gonna make some football while the pre-game's going on. :smiley:

great to see the riders wearing their ‘proper’ uniform for this one.
hopefully they transition to it full-time.

This is not the game I look forward to. This one is a great match up but I prefer the Banjo Bowl to the LD game between these two. The Banjo Bowl has the build up from the LD game and it's the only game next week that has it's own name and history.

For me LD is the provincial match ups on Monday and todays game, although a great rivalry, a set up for the Banjo Bowl next week. Where else but in Canada could you have the Banjo Bowl without someone getting offended by the name and festivities surrounding it. :lol: Love that game.

This one should be good this year, because one team will have a shot at the playoffs while the other will may be starting to look at next year by the time these two games are over.

2004 was the last time...
Winnipeg - 17
Sask. - 4