Winnipeg vs Ottawa

I notice that Ottawa does not play Winnipeg this year.
Is this some sort of Mercy Rule I hadn't heard about?

Maybe the Andrew Harris Phenomena has something to do with it?

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The schedule is just dumb this year. It's totally unbalanced. I believe that Winnipeg/Ottawa is the only matchup neglected.

Edmonton and BC play twice but both games are in BC. :shrug:

BC is the only team that has to play 4 road games in the east. No other western team has to play more than 2 :double-shrug:

No idea why Argos/Cats and Als/RBs have to play 4 times in just 14 games. They could have played 2 divisional opponents 3 times each instead.

Also, I have noticed ever since the Redblacks rejoined in 2014 that Toronto and Hamilton ALWAYS play an extra game. They NEVER rotate out. Also, teams in the west should be playing a 3rd game against each other every OTHER year. Sask and Winnipeg don't. They've played the 3rd game more than 3 times in 6 years (14-19). The teams should rotate each year who they play their extra games against. They don't. This is beyond wrong! :-1:

One more thing: Brewster, is that you? Grey Cup jersey #12?

I wish it was. Moved to Calgary many years ago, but I'm still a Bomber fan - have been since the Bud Grant days.