Winnipeg vs Ottawa

I hope the Bombers can pull out a victory in this match-up - then BC will need to win 2 games to get in.

I expect a bit of a letdown for Ottawa. I think it's normal, no matter what players and coaches say, to get a bit complacent after you've cleared a hurdle such as qualifying for the playoffs. I hope that's offset by still needing to qualify for a home playoff game, but...

Plus Winnipeg has played Edmonton and Calgary pretty tough at home.

Gotta agree with CRF here, this shapes up as a classic trap game for the RB's. Ottawa could very possibly have a let down against these Bombers who unlike the RB's have yet to qualify for post season and with only 2 games to go are running out of time to accomplish this. Ottawa finishes up with a home and home against the Cats who in a strange scheduling quirk haven't faced each other yet this season. The RB's just might be looking past this game to that all important 2 game set to finish out the season. I have a funny feeling that perhaps Burris's ugly alter ego "Bad Hank" might just make a rare appearance in this game and that the breaks might finally go the Bombers way after close loses against both Western powerhouses in their last two home games played. A 2 pt loss to the Stamps and a 1 pt loss to the Eskimos in games that they could've and would've won if only for a few mental breakdowns at the wrong times.

This game is also being played on Saturday,so by then the Bombers will know better where they stand as both the Lions(Hamilton) and the Alouettes(Toronto)both play their games on Friday night. There's a good possibility that one or both of these teams could be a game up on the Bombers when they take the field on Saturday against the RB's. The other scenario though could be that both teams lose their games and with a Bomber victory they will be all alone in that final playoff spot.
It should make for hopefully a very good and entertaining game at IGF and hopefully a hometown victory for the Bomber's faithful and patient fan base who more than deserve it from their team this season.

Regardless if the Bombers win or not, they have made it clear they are better then the Lions.
With the tie breaker advantage over the Lions, Bombers will be 3rd.

Then again, most of my predictions this year have ended up the opposite. :roll:

I'm not sure about a trap etc but I think with only 2 games left the Bombers are desperate and are going to take more risks and will be doing things like trick plays.
We haven't seen "Bad Hank" this year so I doubt that will happen, that goes back to the horrible "O" line and receivers he had last year. With the protection he has this year and with no injuries to their "O" line and the dependable receivers I can't see that happening.
Ottawa controlled the Bombers last week and then eased up in the 4th, I doubt that will happen this week.

I'm going with Ottawa once again. :thup:

Offence is paying well, defence is playing well and they WANT a HOME Playoff game just a much as the fans deserves one. :wink:

No problem with that home playoff game..........just as long as it's the East Semi-final against the Argonauts. :slight_smile: :wink:

Actually I was talking about the eastern finals :slight_smile: :wink:

If my memory serves me right. A RedBlack win will mark the first winning season by an Ottawa based team since 1979...that's going way back!

I want to see Montreal become the first Eastern team to ever cross over.

I can't see B.C. or Winnipeg winning their remaining games.
and Montreal only has to win 1 game, (which is vs Saskatchewan)

Indeed. And the first I'll have ever witnessed as a fan since 1988.

"Super Season" '88, it was called, I believe. They ended up 2-16. :expressionless:

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Riders walk into Molson Stadium and beat Montreal. Plane ride home would be :rockin:

it really doesn't matter who the 6th playoff team is. It is not like any of them are close to the 94 lions. Too big an obstacle to beat all of ed, cal, and ham. Fluke if they win one.

I would like in order, bc, wpg, nobody, sask (I know they cant), not montreal

Back and forth Honky Tonkin football turnovers going on in Winnipeg - 4-0 REDBLACKS

In a word. . . SLOPPY

and frustrating for Blue Bomber fans - 10-0 Ottawa
Edit: Winnipeg scores TD Adams from Nichols 10-7 REDBLACKS

Right - like they were playing "hot potato" and no one really wanted to hang on to the ball for long!

All in all it’s 16-10 Ottawa at the half.

I want to see Ott with a home play off game.

Go Ottawa.

A home and home between Ott and Ham for first place will be amazing.

even if burris is up and walking, he is probably damaged goods now.....damn ignorant bluebomber. Hope he get suspended, if we do that here