Winnipeg Vs. Montreal


I'm feeling good abou this game, sould be a good one.

sorry Kanga. Im going with the als there just a better team than the blue bombers.

You bet kanga, after last week..the Al's are like wounded birds on the highway, waiting to be knocked out cold and put in the trash can....GO Bombers...

I'm voting for an Al's victory. They lost to BC by only one point last week. However, I think it will be a game decided by no more than one touchdown.

Montreal 42 Winnipeg 10

Als win big time.

unless the bombers can score 3 touchdowns on special teams, they won't win this one.... mtl 43, win 24

And then what happened after you really woke up? :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Al's should win this one. Montreals at home at friendly McGill., and need this one to stay ahead of Ottawa.

Montreal by 14

This is tough one.
Yeah right.ALS by 35.
Sorry boimber fans.You can't even beat Saskatchewan!!!

ture, but miricles happen, and for some reason I have a good feeling abou this game, and the last time I had this feeling was last week with Ottawa.

Maybe I just need to pee. :lol:

Montreal played a brilliant game against BC last week. They should build on that to crush the Bombers. However, this is the CFL and anyone can win any game. So don't expect any trash talk from me. That blasts into my own face everytime I do it. I respect the Bombers, but believe Montreal should win at home.

though Montreal is tough at home I'm going with the Bombers as a lot of players for the Peg. are playing for their jobs right now......and in any case the BigBlue have the ALS' number this year....repeat of what happened in WPG...could be... :arrow:

There's the ture again Kanga... :slight_smile:

Winnipegs has Mtl number?
I don’t know about that, Winn scored 51 points on Mtl but Mtl’s defence is vastly improved since then.
Montreal scored 46 on Winn and I dont think Winn’s defence has.

What he meant was the Bombers have the phone number of the Als' office, in case they get lost while getting to the stadium. They are so used to being lost they now take precautions.

it is because daley needs glasses to read the map. his lack of vision has become obvious this season with his playcalling and inability to see the one vs 2 yard line, the fact that martin was never completing any of his passes. had daley noticed he may have pulled him but without those darn glasses it is tough to be a coach in this league.

Third...... you have got it all wrong as usual.....what I meant by number is ..... .. the greater NUMBER on the scoreboard denoting the Bombers score... at the end of the game..just like last time we played...remember.... the Bombers score is going to be >...........

......more than what the ALS' have...