Winnipeg vs Hamilton

Week 8 Kicks off Between Winnipeg and Hamilton.
Should be a great game Winnipeg wants to get their first win at home and Hamilton wants to seperate themselves from Winnipeg in the East Division.

Had Winnipeg to start but might have to switch to Hamilton since Andy Fantuz is back :thup:

This is the season right here. I don't care what has happened the last couple weeks, I want 2 wins here. No reason they can't come out of this in second place.

Lets go Bombers!!!!!

Hamilton wins because of
A) Fantuz's return
B) Max Hall

should be interesting, Raymond Brown back at CB (had 3 Int's vs. the bombers in the pre season and I think 1-2 were pick sixes), Fantuz is back, Torrey Davis is back for another week (our DL is lightning with that guy in there as proven by last week.he also apparently had a stellar week of practice)

Max Hall get's his first CFL start (QB's in their first game always seem to run up and down us, it's a tradition)
Marcel Bellefeuille puts his input into the offense against his former team (the guy was a great coach, after the Cortez fiasco last year I kind of miss his consistent 9-9 seasons.)
Both teams are playing to get their seasons back on track.
Should be a good one!

I'm picking the Bombers to win, simply because they have to beat somebody and I really think the TiCats believe they are better than they are and the could be had. The only reason they beat Edmonton is because the Edmonton Coach is just slightly more inept than the Hamilton Coach. Why he would call a pass play when the could run out the clock was truly a head scratcher and it almost backfired on them.

This is an important game so I hope we see guys playing hard tonight.

Not like what happened last week where Montreal came off big changes and were clearly not ready to play.

Will be interesting to see what Max Hall can do.

Yes, will be interesting to see how Max Hall does do, that is for sure. Anxious for this tilt to start!

....Very much depends on how Max Hall plays...We know our D can play BUT if the offence doesn't put points on the board , it could be another wait till the Bombers taste a first victory in the new digs.....This game should reveal a lot about both teams. :wink:

bomber beat writer, paul friesen, wrote an article which mentioned how horrible max hall has looked in practice this week.
i suspect we see buck pierce by the 2nd half.
then, he will be the starter for the remainder of the year and we’ll hear, “buck gives us our best chance to win” crap all over again.

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If peg wins they'll need Buck off the Bench. Hamilton should win. Good luck to both.

I wouldn't believe anything Paul wrote. He's an arrogant jerk and would right the same garbage if it were Peton Manning or Tom Brady starting.

Hamilton fans think this is a gimme. We'll see.

Hey was your concert last night!!!!.....or was that a rodeo show?????just kidding ya !!!!! Should be an interesting tilt tonight,with the Cats hopefully coming out on top,your comment on our coach Mr.Austin sounds a wee bit like sour grapes going back to when he coached your 2nd favourite team the Greenies to a Grey Cup.Anyway tis another week of football starting tonight,hopefully my Cats win tonight....and the Lions win on Saturday night!!!!.......Just kidding again about Sat. don't really care who wins that one,should be a good game though between your Stamps and the Lions.Talk to ya or lose I'll be here with a comment or two....guaranteed!!! :lol: :lol:

Concert was great but the Greenies are most assuredly not my second favourite team I am a loyal supporter of anything Alberta. Still think Austin made a huge mistake passing when they could have essentially ran out the clock with a run.

My prediction: Hamilton wins tonight and turns their season around to take second place in the East.

:lol: :thup: :rockin:

Bomber secondary back to letting QBs complete passes at will.

Hamilton's O is looking scary good now that they have players back from injury.