Winnipeg vs. Hamilton QB's

Winnipeg 23/30 for 189. Lots of passes, excellent completion ratio, not many yards per catch.

Hamilton 16/30 for 151 (I think- I've seen two sets of yards for Chang) with 1 interception. Slightly higher yards per but far lower completion average.

What's it all mean?

Not much, probably. It's preseason.

maybe it means, wpg and tor will be 1 and 2, and ham and mtl will be 3 and 4???

winnipeg is a sure thing to do well pretty much in 08..

toronto could be average to above average or maybe even be a flop. they are very strong in a couple areas but very weak and/or old in others.

montreal will be under 500 (and maybe well under) this year. I will even wager money on that..

hamilton... who knows? our talent has a lot of potential but potential doesn't win games. execution does..
I see hamilton getting 5-7 wins this year.

In my opinion it will be the peg at the top and the als at the bottom. the middle 2 are up to us and that blue team. the cats have really sucked the last few years against a team they used to dominate. time to bring back the old ways this year..

That stated, if Glenn goes down, I think the division will be wide open between the top three (Bombers, Als, and Argos).

Dinwiddie is a decent backup. I don’t get chills watching him, so I think that their D and Blink Roberts would be the cornerstones to keeping Winnipeg in the hunt for top spot if Glenn goes down. Westwood’s kicking may also prove to be their Achilles heel.

It will take time to see how the Stubler-led Blue Team and the Als are shaping up. Both teams have questions. I still don’t like the Als’ O-line, particularly.

I do think you have the order right at the moment – the key will be how much of a differential there is between 1st and 3rd and 3rd and 4th when mid-September rolls around. If the Cats are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, that will be a barometer as to how the perceived leaders of the division are faring.

Oski Wee Wee,

It means that both teams were seeing which defenders to cut and which to keep (as well as the offensive players)

Those stats are not true QB stats.

It's the first preseason game, these numbers reflect that. You can't take much from this game.

WPG threw many shovel and screen passes which ended up with lots if yards-after-catch. These are high-percentage passes as they are no more than 2-3 yards.

it means that the bombers run a very "safe" ball controll offence. Did it all last year too, it's predominantly a short passing game relying on quick accurate throws minimizing the chances for turnovers.