Winnipeg vs Calgary

Andrew Harris to make 2021 debut against Calgary Stampeders.

Just in, story on 3D nation

I thought so. I already have him in our fantasy pool, and no one else does so ... shhhhh :smiley:

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I'm telling

assuming he doesn't get any PED tests.

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As if he's the only one using. He's just the only one who got caught. Same deal with Ben Johnson. Which really just shows how weak the CFL testing is.

Time to give the Harris bashing a rest.

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Getting caught cheating is not the fault of the CFL. Comparing him to Ben Johnson is pretty accurate though.

If Harris plays, how much of Oliveria will we see?

Nope sorry, you reap what you sow. Mr Harris who never got hurt is now and thats because he had no choice but to be clean. Guy is a fraud

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Forgot that every sprinter in that '88 Olympic race was tainted. Lewis, a grown man wearing braces to hide that he was getting gigantism from the drugs he was taking. Lynford Chtristie took something saying it was ginsing.

Johnson broke the then 100 meter record, nothing the Olympic Committee can do to make you un-see that accomplishment