Winnipeg vs Calgary

Excellent weather in store again on a Friday evening in Calgary. Kevin Glenn is doing a fine job at the helm; on that front so is the whole team of late. Hope the Bombers pick up where they left off for more cool drama vs the Stampeders.

My wife is a die hard Bomber fan and is beside herself this year. If my stamps beat her Bombers it could get ugly, especially if I'm cheering during the game. At least I can handle a loss if the Bombers win, at least it wouldn't be to the Riders lol

Let's go Bombers. Lets get it going.

Just love watching John Hufnagel stress out when things aren't going his way. I would NEVER want to have that guy as my boss.
Just spit-balling here, but my guess is he doesn't send out too many Christmas cards to his players.

bombers havent won at mcmahon since like 2001. Calgary should win this one but with Kevin Glenn being a career .500 quarterback, you never know. Bombers had glenns number last year with the ticats so who knows.


A place, like Regina, where the Bombers always get clobbered. The only thing of interest for a Bomber fan is how the new 6 receiver set works now that they have enough NI's back from injury. Keep an eye on Volny and Anderson, a couple new bodies in the offence.

Should Winnipeg dress Anderson-WR,I, who do you expect will be the Import healthy scratch? I doubt that they will dress 4 import receivers; Denmark could be a healthy scratch. The other option is Sears or Edwards-if not 100% healthy-. I say Denmark.


Good question RV.

unfortunately, that was last year :wink:

God, this new Friday song makes me suicidal...

not as bad as faith hill's nfl dig, and I like faith.

And Glenn had Winnipeg's the year before. Hamilton beat Winnipeg in three out of the four games they played in 2010. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. What happened last year or the year before has zero impact on what will happen tonight.

And while I'm at it, can we please stop referring to a quarterback's record? Last I checked, football is a team game and no one player deserves credit or blame for a loss. Yet for some reason, people like to trot out that so-and-so is a .500 QB or an under .500 QB. It's ridiculous and I wish people would stop doing it. Glenn is not .500; the teams he played for were.

You're right, it is not as bad... it is much, much, MUCH worse.

I wish they'd stop with the country. :thdn:

Holy hell, I thought Lewis might go all the way. :lol: Winnipeg knows this isn't touch football, right?

Well, didn't see that one coming. :lol: Was gonna be 3-0 and instead if 7-0.

Big fake on the FG attempt; Cote with the TD - direct snap [shovel pass] from the holder...7-0 Calgary

Did #39 really just do that dance? I honestly don't know how these guys aren't embarrassed when they do some of these dances. :lol:

Go Blue!

K, is Calgary gonna do this lame rodeo dance after every sack? Gonna be a long friggin night. :roll:

I can’t see this game being that exciting…

So you're saying we'll see Alex Brink :stuck_out_tongue: