Winnipeg vs BC Aug 05

Anyone know if the game will be blacked out in the Vancouver area? I have the flu and will not be able to attend the game.

Sad to hear you're sick Beag. Get well soon.

All the BC home games are on TSNHD. that is because it is a cable channel, not a network channel, and therefore immune to the blackout rule. Best kept secret in BC...until now, that is. It's on channel 225 on Shaw Cable in Surrey. Check your local listings.

Let's hope the Lions D is more motivated tomorrow at home to the Bombers than they appeared against the Argos last week. Whew, what a stinker!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Thanks very much Dooger. :thup: This thing has really taken a vicious hold. I'm looking forward to watching the game locally. Of course depression adds to one physical misery. :frowning: Maybe I'm better off not watching it on TV. Could turn out to be another carnival show like we saw in Toronto.

Lions will bounce back tomorrow. They're not gonna let that game last week stick.

I think we'll see a much hungrier Lions team in all three phases against the Bombers today. We''ll be without Nik Moore, who took a bad cheapshot to the lower back by # 10 of the Argos on a late hit that wasn't penalized. A real home town non-call. let's play some football!!!!!!

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Hope your feeling alot better Beag. What a time to have the flu during the summer.