Winnipeg vs B.C. 99th Grey Cup. Sunday Nov 27th, 2011

Gonna be great! Lots of stories to be told!

I hope so! My team will be considered the underdog. BC looks very strong. All I can say to my Bombers is to play your best and I will be proud of you win or lose.

Should be an incredible electrifying game.

If I had to choose the victor, it would be BC although in a close hard fought match..the digging
in the tranches type of match.

But this is the CFL and anything can happen.

Winnipeg - 26
B.C. Lions - 22

It should be a good one with BC the favourite.

BC at home scares me. The Bombers are going to have to bring their best on Sunday. A very winnable game for either side though.

Not my favourite match-up. These are my least favourite teams. I wasn't sure who to cheer for, but then I thought, "If Winnipeg wins, I'm gonna have to put up with Killer spouting off all winter," so Go Lions! :lol:

In the trenches for sure! BC is for sure favorites, but then again they were also way back in '88 too :stuck_out_tongue:

BC is looks to be the stronger team and playing at home will be a huge advantage for BC . Wpg will need to get pressure on Lulay to have any chance !

I'll be cheering for BC in this GC game... there are few Bomber fans, not just here, but on other boards, have been total douches-- I would have cheered for the Bombers, but watching their antics this season has totally turned me off the team, there are a few execptions, but for the most part I've never seen so much arrogance for one good year... so GO LIONS GO!!

i really hope this isn't a complete blow-out by the lions.

the bombers can't score. i think the lions' offence will be on the field so much that the bombers defence will eventually break.

i see a 40-10 lions win. but i hope its more like 25-20 lions.

Congratulations to both the Bombers and the Lions, both deserved wins. Put on a great show next week!

Chris Garrett has 766 yards and 5 TDs in 7 games.

Good luck to the Lions offense having all that time of possession if they don't come up with some way to stop him. BC has the best run defense he'll have faced, but stopping him will certainly be a key for BC. The Bombers have been fairly good at sustaining drives at important times but they have had major problems punching it in. It should be noted that the Bombers have only averaged 27.6 yards per game less than BC on offense this season. This was while Fred Reid was averaging 63.2 yards per game for most of the year. Garrett is averaging 109.4. I don't foresee time of possession being a major problem.

Lulay threw for 250+ yards in 14/18 games this year. The four he didn't: 218 (vs. HAM), 186 (vs. CGY), 195 (vs. WPG), 103 (vs. WPG). Yes, BC had a lousy start, but in that lousy start, Lulay's passing yardage was: 366-279-313-251-195-257-103. During BC's lousy start, Lulay averaged 290 yards passing a game in five games against other teams and barely had that for two against Winnipeg. Geroy Simon was held to 6 catches and 106 yards in two games against Winnipeg. Bruce was held to 6 catches for 56 yards in two games against Winnipeg.

That was a different BC team, but the Bombers have some knowledge on how to contain their weapons.

This is not to say the Bombers are the better team or anything. Just that the Bombers are capable of shutting down the BC offense and that I highly doubt this game will be a cakewalk.

BC is the more consistent team without a doubt but the Bombers can hang with them and if they play well they are quite capable of winning this game. It's gonna be a good one.

Come on Bombers.. Doug Brown's final game.. go get him a ring.. get it for Richard Harris.. this is the time to come out fired up and play your best game all year.

I wonder how many interviews or articles we'll see about the Muamba brothers playing against each other and how their parents are going to handle it.

If I were a betting man, and I am, I would place a wager on the Lions. the Bombers will need to play their best game of the year to have a shot at this one, or BC will have to totally collapse.

The Bombers deserve to be their no doubt, and I wish them all the best, but I just don't see them beating the Lions. Wally will retire from coaching with another ring.

Ha...great point

If Rod Black was to be on the broadcast crew, we'd no doubt be hearing about it all game. . .

BC goliath versus Winnipeg David? Forget about the two early losses against Winnipeg. Both teams are different now. In talent, hard to find any Winnipeg edge except for defensive secondary. However BC has many advantages in quarterback, offensive line, receivers, linebackers, kicking, and punt returns. Arguably, BC defense is better especially in latest 10 games. Key mismatch in least penalized BC versus most penalized Winnipeg. In momentum, BC is still the hottest team especially in big games. Whereas, Winnipeg is inconsistent and more likely to choke.

That's a pretty fair analysis I'd say, thirdperson.

What will be interesting, to me at least, is that I believe the best DHBs (as distinguished from safeties and corners) in the CFL are going to be in this game. . . Suber and Hefney for the Bombers, and Banks and Kornegay for BC.

One other advantage I see in BC's favour that you did not mention; coaching.

I'll take Wally over Lapo.

(Though I''m a Rider fan) glad to see some new teams in the Grey Cup, it's good for the league and it should be a fun contest best of luck to both teams. I'm going to have to root for the Lions though, just because it's you Bombers :wink: but hope both these teams have an awesome game.

Lions 26
Bombers 22