Winnipeg vs Argos

Should be a great game in Toronto with Pierce and Ray at the controls; kick for a Million dollars is also on the agenda.
From Winnipeg MB; Richard Pope gets his shot at half time 8)

Biggest game of the year for Toronto. Surely the Argos can find a way to beat the minor pee wee team from Manitoba.

A loss would be embarassing, and put Toronto's playoff chances in serious trouble.

Doesn't look like there's 10,000 people here at kickoff...maybe everybody's stuck in traffic?

Argos lose and they're out. Not officially, but this is the must win game for them.

2 and out is not the way to start. :roll:

Out of what? Winnipeg can't catch them and it doesn't seem that likely that Hamilton will.

The Argos attendance has increased every game all year, i think the streak is over with this game. 2 games in a row over 25,000 now back to 18,000

Brilliant scheme from Ego Jones...DE Ron Flemons dropping to try and cover a receiver. TD Winnipeg. Way to go Ego Jones!

Argos lose tonight and next week, Hamilton beats Winnipeg next week and the Cats come to Toronto for the final game of the season with 2nd place on the line. The Argos lose that one by 9 or more and they finish 3rd leaving the Eskimos needing 1 win in their next 3 to take the crossover. Very possible. The Argos are off to a good start in blowing this one.

Interesting drive by calls too. TD pass from Brink to Vega - 7-0 Bombers
Fumble on the kick-off by Owens........Winnipeg ball

Glad to see Milanovich has taken care of the penalty problem. :roll: Seriously, I think they've set a record for number of times lined up off side by a defense in a season.

While they should win this one and they look pretty bad right now, you and I have different definitions of "must win". :slight_smile:

Chad the Fumbler strikes again!

Chad Simpson is a beast !

First Quarter is all Winnipeg in net yard stats - [118 yards Bombers... 14 Toronto] 14-0 Winnipeg leads

They lose tonight, which looks almost like a forgone conclusion already, I don't see them beating the Riders at home which brings it all down to the season finale.

Basically, if the Argos lose the next 2, Hamilton needs to beat Winnipeg then Toronto by 9 and Edmonton need just 1 out of 3 and the Argos are out. They win tonight Hamilton needs to win all 3 to put Toronto in 3rd and Edmonton needs 2 wins against Montreal, BC and Calgary.

If they lose tonight I see them out, if they win they're virtually guaranteed a spot. I call that a must win.

1 st down, 15 total yards offense and 1:46 possession so far. They got 'em right where they want 'em now. Start bailing Scotty, because you're sinking fast.

One drive isn't a win, but let's hope they can keep it up.

Ray gives his team a chance to win ...good job Ricky - on the money [TD] passes for sure - 17-14 Winnipeg

The Fumblin Hawain gets away with one there