Winnipeg vs. '72 Miami Dolphins!

As long as Zach C. stays injury-free, I think the Bombers can go undefeated 20-0!

I'm not even a Bombers fan! Go Bombers!

But if we do that no one will want to play with us. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

A more appropriate title would have been “Winnipeg vs. ‘48 Stampeders


'48 Stamps played at least a 14 game regular season?

Think it was 12

If that's true the bench mark is the '72 Miami Dolphins. 14-0 then after the playoffs/Super Bowl it finalized as 17-0

Here's the 1948 Calgary Stampeders season.

12-0 in the three team WIFU conference, 1-0-1 in the playoffs (Game 1 ended in a 4-4 tie) and the 1948 Grey Cup Champions.

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It's impressive but the quantity of games doesn't match or exceed 17.

How do you get a tie in the playoffs?! Sounds like NCAA college ice hockey before a single elimination bracket format got adopted.

The first round was a 2 game total point series.

Calgary 4 Regina 4 (Game 1)
Calgary 17 Regina 6 (Game 2)

Calgary won by a combined score of 21-10.

Keep in mind prior to 1956 or 1957 the touchdown in Canadian Football was worth 5 points instead of 6.

So the Stampders playoff in 1948 was 2-0-1.

The only undefeated team in Canadian Pro Football to date.

Winnipeg can eclipse the record by going 13-0 but can they remain undefeated?

Time will tell as you have some teams at least one or two times.

Ties are a half loss. It's a blemish and I don't recognize or consider that to be undefeated unlike most people. Unbeaten and untied are undefeated to me.

You're entitled to how you feel.

But that's how it was back in the day.

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