Winnipeg up next...

and I am truly scared.

Their defence is relentless...we are in tough. will you feel if that is the case?

about the same as 1-5, not as good as 2-5

Im a little scared about playing you guys actually, After the 0-4 start I thought it would be a couple of blowouts to tell you the truth but now you guys are rolling a bit and should be able to put up a good fight at least at home.

We will put up a good fight as we have some very talented players which is alot more then I can say for the coaching staff. If we dont fire the offense (ive) coaches I believe we may be lucky to win more then one more game. I hate when people say but we playing better, we are not winning and thats all that counts at the end of the year :thup:

No doubt, Winnepeg is a good team.. but so are we. It is going to be a good game, and we've got home field advantage. I truly believe we'll be 2-5 after that game.

I truly believe we'll be 2-5 after that game
Me too! :D

Unforuntately I'm on an island cottage with no TSN to watch the game ... and I doubt I'll get CHML out in Gananoque :cry:
... But I'll be at IWS in spirit

Folks - have said this before; will say it again. Winnepeg was no better than us last year, but they are 4-2, and we are 1-5.

WHY you ask? Coaching. We signed the big players, & they signed the big coaches.

For one, we picked the WRONG 'Greg Marshall'.
At least we picked the right RALPH. Could you imagine Ralph Brock as a receiver?
At least we didn't pick a 'dead' one (go back to your Ottawa Archives...)

Next, we won't win with this defense. The players are talented; the schemes suck!
Anytime you score 38 points, you have got to win the ballgame.

Finally, we play Winnipeg back-to-back.

I can see us at 1-7 without much trouble...

Sorry - but those are the realities.

The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I think Hamilton can beat Winnipeg.