Winnipeg uniforms

I believe last week was the first time Winnipeg ever wore dark blue pants and dark blue sweaters. I always disliked dark pants because they appear to make the players look heavy and slow. But I actually found the dark blue looked good on the Bombers. What do you think?

I thought the blue pants/blue jerseys looked great! I hope it's a trend that continues.

They'd look better with white tops. Kinda Like San Diego.

Mark me as a traditionalist... I liked the Blue & Gold

At first i found that the Blue Pants ruined there colors, but when they wore the blue jerseys with them, it made them look nice..but to me its always gonna be BLUE & GOLD..


i didnt like the blue with blue.

i like the gold pants.

Who are you guys? Mr. Blackwell disciples?

Chicks dig the shine.....

I think they should have pink pants! :lol:

I thought the blue pants were great!! I think they should keep the look.

No, the blue pants look stupid with the blue jerseys and the gold helmets, just like whtn the Exks would wear the green pants with the green home jerseys and yellow helmets (they haven't done it yet this year, but the 'smoes still suck).

I agree.


Hate them Hate them Hate them!

I hate shiny pants unless they're supposed to be a metallic colour anyway. If the boys have to wear blue pants then get the old ones with the stripes out of storage. For that matter, get the whole Cal Murphy wardrobe out of storage because it all looked better than the crap the MGBs are wearing now.

Yeah, I always liked when they looked like the navy version of the washington Huskies.

As long as we win I don't care what color uniforms we're wearing.

Pink and baby blue for the new Winnipeg unis. :smiley: