Winnipeg @ Toronto - Game Talk

Tor FG - 40 yrd Prefontaine
Tor: 17 Wpg: 13

Yup. Lets see here:
ARGOS: Use Allen out of the pocket more. He's having a good day running the ball and it's kept drives alive.

  • Need to stop making mental mistakes with the fumbles and having the 3, 15 yard penalties. That was sad.

BOMBERS: Get to Allen and cover tighter. Recievers are getting WAY too open. They've got to close up the middle. Nothing like past weeks.

  • Glenn has got to control his throws. He's over thrown open recievers 5 times, with one falling into the hands of Kamau Peterson.
  • Keep Roberts involved. He's broken one and can do it again. Get Stegall open and give him the ball.

Both coaches have some stuff to think about.

17 points is hardly a dismanteling
As for the penalties, I thought they were not going to call any against Toronto.
Unless I missed something on the pass interference call agains Winn just before Avery's 3 yard run, I don't know why they didnt call intentional grounding against Allen. The ball landed 6 yards before the line of scrimmage with nor recievers anywhere near it.

And I forgot that the Bombers are missing too many tackles. Now I know how the Als fans felt a few days ago.

Yeah, I thought the origional penalty was against Allen. And the score doesn’t really reflect it because Allen fumbled near the danger zone and Avery near the 10.

True but If you are going to dismantle the defence dont reassemble it with turnovers.

I like what I'm seeing. This is definitely a winnable game for the Bombers. This would be great to get the W here and get us some more confidence, don't let up guys!

Great time to run a fake fg !!!

TD TOR - Allen 3 yrd rush.
MAN! I knew that the Bombers needed someone to cover Allen. Havn't they noticed that he can run? Good play call by the Argos. I really liked it.
Tor: 24 Wpg: 13
Game is still in reach for the Bombers but they need to focus. No sign of the great D.

…???..from a rider fan…???..

Who was that pass by Glenn to? Roberts was open to his right.

Why pass short to Stegall? Glenn had plenty of time AND with a man open 10 yards away from Stegall

Hmm… Zone D isn’t working too great for the Bombers. The Argos are finding plenty of holes.

Oh Boy. Allen’s hurt. Looks like the right knee

whay happened to him?

Tom Canada rushed in and put pressure on him. Tackled at the knee and Allen came up limping. Hope he's not seriouly injured but also that he doesn't come back :twisted:

Hmm maybe the Bombers can get going now if TO's offense comes to an end. I thought it would be a defensive game but Allen was really moving the ball.

Let's go Bombers!

are you betting the other side?

what is going on in the game?

So we know hear it's an ankle injury