Winnipeg @ Toronto - Game Talk

Kick off hasn't even started and TSN is already padding Winnipeg's win over Toronto. I havn't anything about Toronto since they stopped talking about Baker.

Whoa, Levingston almost lost it on the punt. Kind of reminded me of the Montreal game start

whos ball and where? how much time left?

Its Argos on the Peg 20 with 8:16 in the 1st

Why dont you listen online or watch it?

There's about the whole game left.

Who is that V. Sutherland?

TD right after I said that
TOR: Allen to Talbot
Tor: 7 Wpg: 0

what site is the best to watch online or listen?

hard to find. Easy for other leagues.
Westwood, pretty short
Tor: 7 Wpg: 3

He use to be with the NY Dragons of the Arena Football League

As I remember he has great hands but was one of the slower receivers on the team

Allen dropped it. Big return for Samuels.
Key there was keeping Allen from running out of the pocket

Man, Glenn is overthrowing too many open recievers.
28 yrd FG WPG
Tor: 7 Wpg: 6

The Argos dodge a bullet 7-6

Avery's had a good game so far. Argo fans better hope that fumble doesn't affect his confidence

The Bombers just can't exicute. They've had two fumbles and only come away with 3 points off those turnovers, BOTH teams dodged bullets

In the Play-by-Play feature, it says there were two turnovers on each side. I spotted the two TOR fumbles, and one fumble by Stokes. What was WPG's other turnover?

don't know. A mistake maybe

Toronto's been dimantling the Bombers D. They've got to wake up and smell the turf.
TOR TD - Avery 3 yrd run
Tor: 14 Wpg: 6

What a run by Roberts! 32 Yards
The Argos kind of shot themselves in the foot with 45 yards in penalties.
Tor: 14 Wpg: 13

About those penalites. They were all good calls so I really wouldn't want to hear it from any Argo fans. Granted though that Peterson didn't make that short catch

[quote="milkman1042"]Toronto's been dimantling the Bombers D.

And killing themselves with dumb penalties and fumbles