Winnipeg to the East

I wonder when they'll update the bar at the top, get rid of the Gade's logo and move over the Bomber's.

It would be tacky of them to get rid of the Gades logo at this point. Since the team is only in suspension, they would still technically be considered part of the league, would they not?


and two for sure wins vs the riders..... :twisted:

Just like last year?

first of all we did better in the east last year, 4 of our 5 wins was from the east. the east lacks in RB defence and is good in pass coverage. and it just so happens we have the best RB in the league. Montreal had the second most yards against, Hamilton wasnt much better and they havent done anything, very little at best to increase their D. Damon Allens quite old and they dont have a RB. im not saying it will be easy. but its possible. our ends being warner and walls can run Allen over and knock him out of the game. montreal will be a high scoring game, hamilton we chould be able to take. its possible we can be in the basement yes but im liking our odds more in the east then in the west.

ha ha u guys really arnt ones to talk, all uve done is lost players on an already bad team. so yeah, we probly will beat u guys. u guys are going to be the weak team this year. but i definately wont expect u to admit it. that would be pretty rediculous of me lol. so ill leave it at that, if u think the bombers are gonna be weak again this year, or as weak as u, ill be happy to give pleanty of reasons why we wont be.

Im listening :lol:

i think both sask and ham are definently worse than the blue and gold. havng said that the dispersal draft has the potential to change things significantly across the league.

Oh come on now , Hamilton has SERIOUSLY upgraded their team in a few areas most notably at the QB and RB spots. Hamilton will be right in the thick of the playoff hunt, leaving the Bombers choking in their dust. Winnipeg MIGHT be slightly better than the Riders, but dont count on that either. Winnipeg has the better talent at QB than the Riders do right now, but Rider D and running game helps them overcome their weaknesses, but the Bomber D and running game are suspect(save for Roberts), it could very well be that the Bombers will be the Official League doormats when the regular season rolls around.

well look at this stupid revised schedule the first 6 weeks are against some good teams but in the end i think weill be 11-7.even if the disper draft brings some quality players to other teams riders will be the door least this time were guarenteed not being last in the east cuz hamilton is in teh same division

yes, like i said, hamilton didnt do anything for their D. all u listed was their offense.

ive done this like 13 times but i guess u guys need it again. offence, everyone puts down Glenn. Glenn had one Go to reciever for half the season being milt, the offensive line was changed around everygame for the first half of the season. Glenn had the likes of maggarity and peterson for a recieving corps, their hands are no better then DB's. they made about as many catches as a good DB made picks. it was rediculous. Glenn also never had a Vet QB to learn from. he never had a QB coach. he didnt have a QB to push him for his spot. and the defence, because of a coordnater, thats surrenderd the most yards in CFL history. now we have Doug Berry, who coached a once crappy calvio to a 6000 yards season, just the 4th QB in CFL history to accomplish that. we have Quinn to push Kevin. everyone says kevin threw alot of interceptions when Kerry Joseph, Danny Mcmanus, and the oh so great ricky ray, and anthony calvio all threw more interceptions then Glenn did. Glenn threw 27 TD passes which was again more then the ever great ricky ray, also more then kerry Joseph, henry burris, and dave dickenson. and more then other QB's like macmanus green crandel etc. he threw for about 3500 yards and all this stuff i just listed despite having a very bad recieving corp the first half, only having one go to guy who was doubled on, not have a vet QB to learn from and all the other things ive posted. i think it was either PIGSYE or pap that mentioned moses himself could not do more for our offence then Glenn did last year. and they were right. he also missed three games. Kevin has tons of potential and Berry will unlock it.

as for Quinn. Berry was extremly impressed with Quinn in the Als training camp. his adaptability allowed him to get used to the CFL game plus the Als scheme and he was calling his own very impressive plays withing days. when Dave dickenson was in the NFL he was equivilant to a back up.

recieving corp. we have stegal, brazell, and aj lll. all game breakers and could all be 1000 yard recievers. milt's milt. brazell has good speed, he grabs everything, agile, fights for the ball in traffic, a good route runner, and can jump for those high passes. AJ lll had 800 yards and only started like 12 games? led the league in all purpose yards in 2000.

Runningback........roberts, need i say more? we also have regimbauld, great pass recieving fullback.

O-line, allowed the third fewest QB sacks in the CFL despite being chaged around as much as it was. also paved the way for Roberts to have a career high rushing for 1600+.

for Defence everyone says how bad our secondary is. lol well i got news for u. its not! when we had rust for the first 4 games i think it was, our D was great, not allowing a TD in two games, held edmonton to 14 points. once he left guess what happens, we crap the bed. now how can u blame that on the players? how in the world could u possibly say thats the players? now we have Greg Marshall for a coordnater who is just as good if not better then Rod Rust. we have the same four guys we had with Rust with evans, fields, samules, and franklin. plus over the 2005 season we aquired more talent with Malbrough and santino hall. and in the off season we got a new speedy richardson.

we signed barrin simpson, division all star 5 out of 5 years played, CFL all star 4 of 5 years he played. in the year he wasnt a CFL all star he led BC in tackles even though the scheme was terrible for him. he brings amazing leadership qualities and a great attitude. our Defensive line is increadible, not to mention the addition of Ron Warner, a hard nosed smash mouth football player who brings every thing he's got every down of every game. hes got a great attitude which is contagious. warners about the size of flemming and about as fast as montford.

linebackers we have, which i already mentioned barrin simpson, sean woodson with 90 tackles. trying out for WIL is niel mckinlay who led the bombers in special teams tackles, which shows hes fast enough, aggressive enough, agile enough, and he tackles well in open field. we also have Cedric Dickerson who was described as a hard hitting DB. he put on five pounds of muscle only makes him faster, stronger which means he hits even harder, quicker, and it builds on his stamina. being an ex DB he can cover awsome for a LB. he also had 11 tackles in 2 games. 11 divided by 2 is 5.5 tackles a game multiplied by 18 is 99 tackles. i know u really cant go by that but imagine that were the case. we also have Ron Ockimey who looks even better then the two i just talked about.

Imagine Armstead, Brazzel, Stegall, AJ and Colon…oh and Roberts…for starters…

Hamilton has a very good D, they were just on field wayyyyyyyyy to much last year, but i dont think that will happen again this year. Montreal and Toronto will be the teams to beat, and the poor Bombers will strain their collective necks looking at the teams above them.

...certainly would give ANY team a lot of trouble...but remember Pigseye we have to knock off one of the great power houses in the get a playoff spot....and according to Barrett in Sask.....there is no cross-over this will be very interesting...and definitely a challenge ...but I have a good feeling about our chances ... :wink:

alright to get this through all bomber fans, taman is drafting khan for our first pick.

BBfan12, the Bombers will finish 11-7? Give me some of what you have been smoking, cause that is a pretty good hallucination.

11-7 with a backup QB (Glenn)??? Keep dreamin....You can help Kanga plan the parade route down Portage & Main.....

the blue will probably end up 9-9 but that should still be enough for a playoff spot. i suspect ham to end up 8-10 or possibly 7-11 if injuries hurt them. of course what happens today may change my predictions.

The bombers will EXTREMELY LUCKY to win 6 games this year. It amazes me how optimistic Bomber fans are, just like Leaf fans, they think their team is better than it really is, 9-9 is an out of reach season , the rest of the East is too good. They might beat Sask at home on the labour day re-match, but wins will be few and far between for this team. I thoght BC had the good weed, there must a grow-up somewhere in the 'Peg.