Winnipeg to the East

Obviously this means Ottawa will move over to the East now and that there will be two divisions of four teams.

My question is will there still be a crossover play-off spot?

all i know that its your turn to go to the basement

and i guess the blue bombers will be in the basement in the east instead of the west :mrgreen: :lol:

...the Riders would have been in the basement anyways....whether the Bombers went east or not....I guess we will have to be the guys who have to give 200% to have any success in 06 in the east......what with HAM. improving talent wise like they have..and also the strength of Tor. and will be interesting... :roll:

I think you will have a better chance in the East. see you on Labour Day

And hey the last time you were in the EAst you finished first there, and made it to the Cup.

half of the bombers sched is versus Tor and Mtl, not pretty

Banjo pickin imbreds

LMAO BlueBombers :lol:

Thankfully…the banjo bowl is also still on Billy…see you then…and Labour Day :wink:

Let's remember on thing. The last time the BB won the Grey Cup was as an Eastern team. Hmmmm... might be fate. :wink:

Bomber,Rider GC 2006.

The Bombers in the East. I can feel them shaking in Tor and Mont now. As for Ham, Maas looked real good playing for a stacked Esk team with a million dollar receiving core and one of the best O-lines in the league. It won't be the same in Ham....

...unless we're playing Winnipeg.

I feel for the Bomber fans, going to the east division is not good for them. It looks like there will be no playoff football in Winnipeg or Regina this season, unless the Rams did some worthwhile recruiting in the offseason

We will see, won't we....

I doubt that the Bombers are better than the Argos. Als or Cats---but dream on winnerpegger, you might win 5 or 6 games from the 3 ( I do believe its three) that you won last year.

To be honest, it is alot better for the bombers then facing BC, Edm and Cal three times each. The Bombers few wins last year were against the weak teams of the east.
Shit they can’t even keep teams running up east. The Bombers are a west div calibre team,facing the east. Bottom line, it will be a much better year, because my favorate match up in the league are Mont-Winnipeg games. Always good football when they clash… Can’t fricken wait…

Sorry about that pegger you did win 5 last year, in that division, it will be tough for the Bombers to match that total.....

Figures, must be an Argo Fan.....

Actually im a Rider fan

I wonder how Kanga's going to take the news that the Bombers are now in the East?? :wink: