Winnipeg to name Casey Creehan DC?

dave naylor tweeted out, that, the Blue bombers are expected to announce Casey Creehan as thier new D.C.

why would anyone hire the D.C. responsible for the league worst defence ( hamilton )?

the blue bombers are a so screwed up.

i've been following the CFL since 2005, and the bombers have always been screwed up. even their 2 grey cup appearances during those years, i still never considered them a good team.
last year, they had broken buck at QB and made the grey cup on a huge losing skid. and in 2007, they didn't have a very good year and it was fitting that glenn broke his arm, as that team was a mirage as well.

them and the tiger-cats have been bottom feeders of the league for the entire 7 seasons i've been following this league. that is pathetic.

Well, they also kept Joe Mack around. So we're not exactly dealing with an organization that demands results, here.

Winnipeg can have him, Thank you :smiley:

Shocking as it may seem to Hamilton fan, Creehan is actually an upgrade at DC over Chip Garbage.

Absolutely brutal as the DC in Toronto - - what made Joe Mack and the delusional Bomber fans think Chip Garbage would be any better in Winnipeg?

One down and one to go Bomber fan - - next order of business on the road to respectability is to get rid of the terrible OC.

The word here was he treated players like they were in High School, and all that yelling wore thin. The players tuned him out. He lost the room. Defensively that is !! He is Offside

With Cortez not only being the Head coach but also the Offensive Coordinator did not make it a good fit for Creehan in Hamilton. Cortez will need to bring in a more experienced Defensive Coordinator that is on the same page as him and that he can trust or be the Head Coach and hire a DC and OC where he can oversee both equally. Burke was impressive at the end of the season as he was a HC and got involved with the offense as well as the defense this will be a better situation for Creehan.
Similar situation in Toronto with Milanovich as Head coach and offensive Coordinator. The difference was that Milanovich Brought in Jones to run the defense and Jones was also named assitant Head Coach. They were on the same page as coaches and Milanovich and Jones were prepared for this to happen and knew once one of them got a Head Coaching Job the other would be brought on as an equal where they were almost like co head coaches.

Like Greg Marshall :wink:

.... I think if you want the real definition of a bottom feeder, the argos fit that bill of recent years, with Lemmon and the pathetics and other assorted failures, bringing up the rear....I think the only mirage the CFL fans have seen is the Grey Cup winner of 2012... With the Bombers D returning to form, we'll give the other teams in the east a good run.. ...Count on it :wink:

Exactly like Greg Marshall. It would create a situation like in Toronto where they will be more Co Head coaches Cortez on offense and Marshall on defense. I am not sure what his contract situation is with SASK but even if he is still getting paid for 2013 Hamilton would certainly be able to match that without having to pay an Offensive coordinater and even give him a title of asst HC.
With these Offensive coordinators like Cortez and Milanovich taking Head Coaching jobs but also taking on OC at the same time this may be the way we can see the evolution of coaching staffs changing possibly. Marshal was simply dealt a bad hand in SASK but in Hamilton They do have a core of some all star caliber defensive players along with some draft picks from 2012 adding to the mix of Talent. I do not think with Hamitons's Defensive personell coming into 2012 saw this coming. The players on that defense a good but somewhere along the line Creehan lost them and Cortez was to busy with the offense. I doubt the same will happen with Marshall as his credentials as a DC are of an A grade.

I would agree with your assessment of Winnipeg but I dont believe Toronto was a Mirage.
In the Case of the BBs Burke Quietly came in and became a Head Coach very quickly. Although he came from the dfensive side of the ball he got involved with the offense as well. The offensive scheme before he arrived was obviously not working and once he got settled he changed that very quickly. The offensive scheme was to use the first quarter to set up things for the rest of the game. While letting Crowton do his job as offensive Coordinter he did inform his subbordinate, as he is the head coach now, That he wants the offense to come out much more aggresive to start the game this change the winnipeg offense to a successful one which did not force the defense to have to play from behind the entire game. Creehan as well as whoever is going to be the OC will have a HC that supports both the defense as well as the offense equally. He will be a true Head Coach and sit on the top with his coordinators underneath him and their staffs supporting underneath them. Add in a ST coach and there will be a traditional coaching system

Why doesn't Winnipeg go after Reinbold? he was just released in Montreal and he was popular in Winnipeg a few years ago.


Silly question.......because Reinbold is waiting to be installed on the Ti-Cats coaching staff, in the position just vacated by Creehan..... :lol:

Ha ha Winnipeg, the Bombers hired Creehan. You're so screwed next year... :lol:

When's the last time the Bombers have won a cup?

.....well if we would have had Ray deliverd to us on a silver platter....probably would have had a good shot in the last one :lol:

It wouldn't have hurt, but the fact is that Toronto went from Bart Andrus to Grey Cup champs in 3 years while we and the Ticats are stuck on permanent rebuild; one crazy deal doesn't explain all that. We got to the Cup last year because Kevin brought his off game a week earlier (EDF) than he did this year.