Winnipeg to Host 2015 Grey Cup

Last year it was announced on or about March 24th , that the Grey Cup venue for 2015 would be Winnipeg , we are getting close to the March 24th date now in 2015 .
For planning purposes etc I would think that soon, the CFL needs to announced the city for the 2016 G.C.
My thinking is Toronto or Hamilton for 2016 and Ottawa for 2017 . I would love to see it in Hamilton in 2016 but if not, and the game is tied to the Argo sale , then, I am ok with TO getting it in 2016.

My guess is no to Toronto unless there are not other competative bids (such as why it was relocated to BC last). I say this simply because the league knows that GC hosting may be a conditional portion of an Argo sale, so they likely want to hold out on putting it in Toronto until something is ironed out there. 2017 / Canada's 150th makes sense for Ottawa, strong rumors for 2018 for Regina. Somewhere in there Calgary is likely coming due as well, but no doubt the Cats deserve to showcase their new stadium, so 2016 makes sense. Hell, with the woes of the the Bombastickshack, perhaps 2015s will get moved!

I would love to see it at THF in Hamilton in 2016. With the stadium still getting completed with several smaller things and yet to have a full season there to work out any game day type kinks etc. It's going to be hard for them to make a commitment. Advantage for Hamilton being that they are in Southern Ontario GTHA area. Puts them in the same situation as Toronto and BC last year. In that they are in a region that can easily accommodate a large influx of visitors. Lodging, infrastructure for surrounding GC activities, etc. As well as TSN based right there for assistance in promotion. Being in Hamilton could help expand down more to London and get more involved there. Great time to get a game in London. Organized to the level of TD Altlantic. Argo's are the perfect franchise to move a home game with League or other franchise doing the promoting and planning with corp sponsors for an Argo profit

Edmonton being the longest without and newly reno's and upgraded stadium and surrounding complex. Problem for them for '16 will be that 3 straight will have been in the West, 2 within Prairies. If there were no east teams able EDM in 2016. Commonwealth gets overlooked with all of the other stadium projects of older and less up kept but just as good as all of them.

Calgary as well is an option. Rock solid organiztion top to bottom. certainly servicible McMhahon if needed. I think Calgary fans will tell you that still needs more done unless a new stadium is announced for 2020.

Leaves Toronto. With a venue readily available at that time of the year. Like with Commonwealth now the venue is up to par for capacity and other ammenities needed for a GC. Same area as Hamilton so infrastructure in region to host amount of visitors etc.

Ottawa similar to where Hamilton is stadium wise now and where Winnipeg was which pushed there GC back a season to 2015. Likely a lock, or at least should, for the following 2017 GC.

Regina 2019 or 2020 may be a better fit for them. At least maybe to be on the safe side with a new stadium. A smaller region have a bit more planning needed for the influx of visitors. Modern RVs became a late good option. Fans from Prairies seemed to have taken upon themselves to do with road trip drive. Organizezed by the Riders contracted out to RV Companies makes it an option for more. With companies having RVs in Regina waiting for those flying in.

I think it is a well worth discussion to have. With TSN now able to give the GC extensive National coverage all week through much more accessible multi media options. It has raised the level of expectations for a venue etc. Any team could host a GC really but standards for the event have change a lot over 5-10 years. having the best balance of all of these is where the GC should be.

Thoughts? anything to add, disagree with, or I left out?

Edmonton has not been that long since renos. The did some for the 2010 season and have worked on seating and such, still putting money into the stadium. Nothing wrong there, but again, they hosted it in 2010, so there are likely teams ahead of them in pecking order. I would think probably 2019-2020 at best TBH. Regina will get one in their new stadium (as stated, rumor is 2018) as did BC after massive renos, the Bombasticshack is getting now, and likely Ottawa for the 150th and it would be pretty surprising if Hamilton didn’t get 2016

I can’t see how Hamilton would have reservations about committing for 2016. With half a season under their belt, they know the big issues and can put those to rest easily within a year and a half. Hamilton just makes sense for next year. If they do not get it not it in 2016 then when? The next few years the ideal layout is:
2015 - Winnipeg, even though I am sure they would love to defer a year or 2 at this point…and I won’t be surprised if it happens.
2016 Hamilton’s stadium, kinks worked out
2017 - Ottawa for the 150th, plus they need to showcase their new stadium
2018 - Regina for the new stadium as rumors have swirled on…maybe…maybe 2019 instead
2019 - Toronto - I am going to pencil this in as I am sure it will be a condition of sale to have one by 19 at the latest…I could see this and 2018 swapping

after that, well, who knows. There are some rumblings on a new Calgary stadium, so we will need to see what happens there. And of course, BC will be due again as well. As far as Montreal…well, we will need to see if they are in a position to host that large of a game / have a viable venue.

Grey Cup 75 -15
Grey Cup 91 -16
Not sure what 77 was

I was at the 91,grey cup and it felt alot colder than minus 16... I never even got to enjoy the game, my feet were completely frozen... I spent more time banging my feet on the ground trying to get felling in my toes than anything else... The parade the day before was even worse... I spent more time in the mall warming up than watching the parade

I am sure it was colder. - 16 was the temp at kickoff time. Gets later , it gets colder.

I know how you feel . I was at the 93 West Final and it was the most cold I ever felt.
My toes were numb also.My fingers were frozen so bad they felt like they were in a vise grip.
Bin there done that.
Also Flutie had frozen hands that game.
What really sucked was the next week I was at the Grey Cup and it was a chinook. People were even wearing t-shirts.
I watched the GC between 2 teams in perfect weather that I did not care who won.

OK, that is not true. In 93 I was pulling for Win. Just because I dislike the EE so much.
If Dunigan was not out with an injury , Bombers would have won.

1991 -17
1998 +10
2006 -7

November is so unpredictable.

We can only hope for the best. However in the Peg, it will not be so much the cold as it will be the wind.
Perhaps the new stadium design will help.