Winnipeg to Host 2015 Grey Cup

The Jets are getting a outdoor game with in the next two years. As for the cold weather, the last 2 Grey Cups held in Winnipeg have been fine, nothing even close to cold. November's in Winnipeg are traditionally fine with not a lot snow and not too cold. Usually the first week of December , S@@@ gets real with snow and cold. The biggest issue with a outdoor game on the prairies in November is wind.

It would make sense for the heritage classic to feature another Canadian team to play the Jets, though there was some talk that the opponent could be Chicago with local boy Toews, and also some scuttlebutt that Minnesota might be trying to get themselves into that game.

Why do we care so much about the winter classics.
It has been way overdone and is no longer a classic.

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The official announcement has yet to be made but locals are already getting excited about Grey Cup week coming back to town.

The CFL is ready to announce that Winnipeg will be awarded the 2015 Grey Cup game on Wednesday.

"That's great that the Grey Cup is coming back here, and it's been so successful in the past," Manitoba Chamber of Commerce president/CEO Chuck Davidson said Monday.

"It should create well over $100 million in economic impact. That's about what it was the last time. But the biggest thing is, it focuses on your community for a full week."

Winnipeg reportedly put up $1 million for the Grey Cup bid in 2013 -- a hosting grant of $680,000 to the Winnipeg Football Club and $320,000 worth of city services.

Mayor Sam Katz could not be reached for comment Monday. Nor could Premier Greg Selinger, who was also reportedly involved in the original bid.

"This is a real opportunity to showcase Winnipeg and to show people all that we are and all that we can be," said Loren Remillard, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce vice-president of public affairs. "I'm confident that Winnipeg will do a tremendous job of hosting the event.

"Each time Winnipeg hosts an event, it gets better. We rise to the occasion. We always raise the bar."

The Blue Bombers realized a profit of about $3.3 million from hosting the 2006 Grey Cup game at Canad Inns Stadium.

The 2015 Cup will be held at Investors Group Field.

"We've probably got the nicest stadium in the CFL right now and we can show that off to a certain extent," Davidson said. "It's all win for us here in Manitoba."

Local hotels will start blocking off rooms just as soon as the dates are officially announced.

"Any time you get something of this magnitude coming here, it's always good for business," said Jim Baker, president/CEO of the Manitoba Hotel Association. "And it's not just for one day, we'll be looking for a solid week of room occupancy."

There are currently about 4,000 hotel rooms in Winnipeg, with three more hotels scheduled to be built -- one at the airport, one across from the MTS Centre and one as part of the Convention Centre expansion. But it is unknown whether any of them will be open in time to accommodate 2015 Grey Cup fans.

"People may have trouble getting rooms," Baker cautioned. "Book early."

The last paragraph of the above article is another reason winnipeg should wait until 2016 to host the big game: more hotel rooms.

Wasn't a problem in previous Grey Cups. It will be easier than Regina, we have triple the hotels in Winnipeg.

Just seems to me, it would be better to wait until everything is done and ready to be showcased....kinda like Ottawa will wait until the whole Lansdowne redevelopment is complete before hosting a grey cup game, even if the stadium is done first.

You cant compare the Winter and Heritage Classic ratings on US TV. 2 completely different properties that were presented in vastly different ways. The Winter Classic is an American-based event while the other is strictly Canadian. The Winter Classic got top billing on the NBC main network while the Heritage classic was filler on the cable NBC Sports Network that goes too only a fraction of the homes the main network does. Also, the Wings-Leaf match-up was steeped in tradition while the Sens-Canucks one was not. (to say the very least) Finally, the fact the game was held in venerable Michigan Stadium which is an icon in the States, just might have played a tiny part as to why people tuned in. :wink: If the Leafs played the Sens in a stadium series game, the ratings would not have been much better

The very fact that our largest market is so obsessed in being involved in the American version of the event speaks volumes about Canadian insecurity complex in certain parts of the country, and does absolutely nothing to dispel the notion of Toronto being obsessed with anything American.

No Toronto is just obsessed with the biggest and highest profile events. The Winter Classic is the NHL's biggest annual event, that has the biggest marketing budget, that gets the most sponsors, that generates the most tourism, that generates the most interest.

There were over 20,000 Washington fans were in Pittsburgh, 55,000 Leafs fans were in Ann Arbour, Did they ever actually even sell-out the Heritage Classic in Vancouver? I know there were thousands of tickets left a week before the game, unlike the 110,000 Leafs - Wings tickets which sold out in hours.

The other outdoor games were 'The Stadium Series' of which the Vancouver game was one of those five and they slapped 'The Heritage Classic' name on it for marketing purposes. Of it and the four other outdoor games the only one that truly seemed to have any excitement around it (and was the only of those five games to sell-out fairly quickly) - was the Soldier Field game.

There will be future outdoor hockey games played in Canada and in the USA. But of all those the 'big one' the one that the NHL pours a ton of money into, the one they heavily promote, the one that lots of cities are bidding on, the one that gets the most media attention, the one that is truly big league, big budget, big ticket demand, the one that is truly an 'EVENT' - yes - that is the one Toronto wants.

Because it can tie citieis to a Grey Cup and an outdoor classic game for cities who are willing to build or reno staidums and those who are not.
The classic may have been overdone lately but for the NHL to have a Winter classic on New Years day and a Canadian cityhave an annoual Heritage classic would not be overdoing it if they get back to that each year.

Pointing to the Haves Winnipeg and Ottawa and Edmontons and the have nots such as Montreal who can not figure out how to come together to reno Olympic.

Way too many this year. If they go back to one a year, then maybe, but 4 or 5 a season is ridiculous.

As for IGF, I believe that they had previously said that the seat expansion would be done in the endzones and primarily built up outside the stadium. So the seating would be around and above the video scoreboards.

As for hotels, there will be plenty. Hotels were full up in the last Grey cups held here but with the new hotels added to the city there will be sufficient capacity. The stadium seating capacity will be about what it was at CanadInns for the Grey cups so it's not as if there will suddenly be an extra 10K people that you need rooms for.

Exactly. I.E. American events. See, the Internatioanl Bowl, arena football, and last but certainly not least, the Bills series which was just the mighty NFL yet it fell flat on its face and would have drawn a larger crowd in Regina.

As for sponsors, marketing budget etc that's great. Just goes to prove the point even further that you can't compare a stadium series event and a Winter Classic. Also, its important to note the league keeps all those revenues from those games so it doesn't matter anyway and removes any monetary motive.

55,000 Leaf fans for the Winter Classic, 55,000 fans for the stadium series in Vancouver. (Yes it did sell out even though it wasn't even an outdoor game, although it was priced like one) Toronto and Detroit a few hours drive between each other. Vancouver and Ottawa, a few hour flight between one another. Big difference. Leafs-Wings are age old rivals. Sens- Canucks are not. A Habs-Leafs Heritage Classic game would draw more tourists and interest than any other match-up in hockey (on planet earth). No need to look down south. But when one is obsessed with everything American...

Oh yeah! Arena football was such a HUGE hit here in Toronto. Us American wannabes just flocked to that - NOT!
And forget the Leafs, hockey is too Canadian. We are American wannabes so we only watch the NBA.
And damn those 37,000 who flocked to the Vanier Cup in Toronto. We thought we were all going to an NCAA game.
And please tell me what city was it that propelled CANADA's national sport (lacrosse) to a whole new level. Yes that was that damn American loving Toronto. Damn that American loving city. :roll:

Wasn't talking about the citizens, but those who dwell in and make decisions in the corporate world. Big, big, BIG difference.

Ralph Wilson died today. I wonder what will be talked about on the city's sports radio and newspaper tomorrow. I'll give you three guesses and 2 don't count... :wink:

My guesses - No, No and Yes. :smiley:

Have to get to Winnipeg for a GC or at least a game and hopefully 2015 will be the year.

The official announcement came to-day in Winnipeg GC 103 ......It will be held Nov. 29th ....4 million dollar contribution from the provincial gov't plus another 3 million from them to "winterize" , so to speak IGF field , the temp. stands to be build are to be used for a Heritage Classic (or some sort of a classic) hockey game a few weeks later.

The surprising part to me was the GC game will only hold 41,000 fans --------I can be see being shut out again (like Regina) on the possibility of attending as the Bomber's have 20,000 plus ssh's and probably even more ( good for them) next year due to the GC game.

Hotel rooms should not be a problem getting , but good seats sure will be.

Having attended a game at IGF last summer, I can say it is a fabulous facility and Winnipeg is a great city. Good for them. I hope everyone has a great time at grey cup 103!

When is the last time that the Grey Cup has been colder than -15? I think 1977.

Sure, there is that risk, but the Grey Cup has never been played in -30. I've been to a playoff game at -17. You can count on your fingers the number of games played Grey Cup or otherwise below -10 in the last 30 years.

And someday it will probably happen, but nobody complains about -20 at Lambeau Field in January and that happens every 2 or 3 years.

If you move the season up 3 weeks, the first 2 weeks will be played during the Stanley Cup. Sure hockey is stupid to run that damn long but the CFL going up against that would be very bad marketing.

Grey Cup has been end of November for over 100 years. It aint broke, in fact its never been better, so don't fix it.

Back on topic -

God on ya, 'Peg. You'll put on a great show. :thup: