Winnipeg to Host 2015 Grey Cup

"Last year Winnipeg got their new stadium, next year they are getting the Grey Cup.

According to Winnipeg Free Press columnist and TSN Radio 1290 contributor Gary Lawless, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will host the 2015 Grey Cup at Investors Group Field.

The new stadium opened last season one year after it was expected to be ready because of construction delays.

This season's Grey Cup will be held at BC Place."

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong:

I was certain the CFL wouldn’t award the Bombers the grey cup game until 2016, as that would allow time for the bombers to fix their press box issue as well as field a contending team.

With them hosting just next season, there is that much more pressure to turn that team around this season, as 2015 is the year they need to push to the cup.

Perhaps not realistic, but too late now.

Anyone know about where the grey cup will be in 2016? I would think hamilton would be the leading candidate and possibly Ottawa leading closely!

Actually I believe it is the reverse. IIRC either Cohon or someone from OSEG had previously said they were guaranteed to host the game within 2 years of opening the stadium. As far as I know there were no guaranteed time frame offered to Hamilton in regards to hosting at THF.

Ok! I thought I might of heard some talk that they wanted the grey cup in Ottawa in 2017 to mark Canada turning 150. Anyways it's good to see that winnipeg will expand the stadium for the banjo bowl and have it through to the grey cup and then have the winter classic played in the new year. Good planning done on both sides to share the cost wish other owners in cities could work out agreements like how they did.

That's been rumoured for a while, you're right. And last I heard anything about it, Jeff Hunt said something to the effect that they had more or less an open-ended ticket to choose their year to host. You'd have to think he'd aim for that one.

Not to mention, sens' owner, Melnyk, stating that he would like the sens to host a winter classic in 2017. Perhaps using a similar model to Winnipeg, where the jets and bombers split the cost of stadium expansion and host a winter classic and grey cup in the same year?

Anyone have an idea how extra seating is added to IGF?

ironic considering Melnyk's attempt to thwart OSEG and the CFL in Ottawa from coming to fruition.

My thoughts exactly.

My guess would be, adding temp bleachers on the very large concourse in both endzones.

2017 makes perfect sense for Ottawa as host,being the nations capital and considering that they hosted in the centennial year of 1967 on Canada's 100th birthday they should be the Grey Cup host city on the nations 150th birthday as well.As for the 2016 Cup I would love to see Hamilton awarded it at THF,it would mark the 20 year anniversary of it last being in the Hammer in 1996.Congratulations to the city of Winnipeg and the Blue Bomber organization on being awarded Grey Cup 2015 :thup: I'm sure it will be a huge success and very much a party all week long. :slight_smile:

What happens to the councourses though? They are the major hang-out points during halftime.

Not a big surprise now that the kinks are worked out the CFL will be dying to showcase the new stadium in Winnipeg.
As for the concourses they just will not be hang outs during the Grey Cup. The plan was always to have that space for regular season games but when it is time to make money for selling out a min 40K stadium selling of the seats will be the priority.

Followed by the Jets hosting the Outdoor Heritage classic may also be i the works.

After seeing this it could light a fire under someones butt in Montreal to get that stadium and its roof up to grade. There will be a point where the CFL where want to break the record for a Grey Cup Attendance and Olympic will have the ability to hold over 70K.
Those same 70K tickets will be at a huge premiam price for a Canadians Maple Leafs Heritage Classic.

Two comments on this.

  • One I was hoping at some point the CFL did announce they were going to shift their season ahead by 2 - 3 weeks before having another Grey Cup in a place where there is a decent chance of -30C windchills making a bit of a mockery of the championship game.

Last year in Regina the CFL really dodged a bullet with OK conditions on game day. Two or three days earlier when temps were such that a bunch of Ti-Cats players suffered from minor frostbite practicing for just an hour outside - if it had been that cold on game day the game would have been a bit of a farce IMO. Also temperatures that cold really do go beyond the limits of many fans, especially some loyal elderly CFL fans who simply would have real difficulty sitting outdoors for four hours in those kind of temps. And even for those who could take temps that cold for many it would not be at all a pleasant experience.

Second minor nit-picky point some people are using the term 'Winter Classics' I think referring to any and all outdoor NHL game that way. (I notice Steve correctly referred to Heritage Classic).

The 'Winter Classic' is a big time made for American television New Years Day/NBC/Sponsor driven holiday EVENT with all kinds of other activities and league sponsored parties surrounding them. That New Years Day holiday 'event' - that won't be coming to either Ottawa or Winnipeg anytime soon. Might they get a Heritage Classic or a 'Stadium Series' game if the NHL do that again in future years - yes. Only Montreal and Toronto have a shot at ever hosting a 'Winter Classic' in my opinion because NBC would almost certainly veto any other Canadian choice. The Ottawa - Vancouver game did not draw well at all in the USA only drawing 234,000 viewers compared to 4.4 million viewers for Leafs - Wings on New Years Day.

Well 2017 should be Ottawa, it's the 150th anniversery of Canada and that will give them plenty of time to prep for a Grey Cup, so 2015 makes sense. Not really sure where 2016 is gonna be, I'd like to say Hamilton but I think 2018 is more realistic for that.

I'm expecting terrible stories then coming out of the Grey Cup, and this might make me reconsider buying a ticket. It will make the traffic issue inside the stadium terrible, since it already was with open concourses during not-sold-out games.

I also agree the season should be moved up a few weeks. The CFL got lucky with Regina this year....

Makes it even more important to finally secure Olympic stadium and find a way to complete the Riders new stadium with retractable roof before they host another Grey Cup.
It is a new generation and with a longer season no one will want to sit in -30 weather on a regular basis each year for a grey cup

I am aware the outdoor hockey games are the 'heritage classic' when held in canada. I didn't want to confuse anyone, so I used the more common name for the outdoor game - winter classic.

I assumed you would know that drummer - just wanted to be sure others reading this thread knew that the official 'Winter Classic' - the NHL's biggest promotional event other than the Stanley Cup finals - is not the outdoor game that would be coming to Winterpeg or Ottawa. :slight_smile:

I would think that with a Heritage Classic being held in Ottawa Montreal would most likley be the opponent and if in Winterpeg the Leafs would be a safe choic to assure that the games will hit the prime ratings