Winnipeg to host 2012 Hall of Fame Weekend


The Canadian Football Hall of Fame, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the CFL are pleased to announce that the 2012 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Weekend will be held in Winnipeg from Nov. 1-3.

“We are very pleased to be coming back to Winnipeg to create a great partnership for this year’s Induction weekend,? said Mark DeNobile, Executive Director of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum.

“Winnipeg hosted the 2009 induction and we are extremely fortunate to work with them again. I would like to personally thank the team of Jim Bell Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Jerry Maslowsky Vice-President of Marketing and Colinne Dowbyhuz Event Services for their ongoing contribution to this event.?

"The Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club is thrilled to be hosting the 2012 Canadian Football Hall of Fame induction ceremonies,? said Blue Bomber President/CEO Garth Buchko.

“With the support of the Blue Bomber Alumni Group, we know that this event will be a resounding success and we're looking forward to celebrating the members of the 2012 Hall of Fame class?. We invite everyone who loves this great league and its proud tradition to join us here in Winnipeg to take part in this celebration."

The 2012 inductees are Jack Abendschan, Damon Allen, Eric Lapointe, Milton (Milt) Stegall, and Harvey (Tyrone) Jones (posthumously) in the Player category. David Braley and Peter Connellan have been selected in the Builder category.The new inductees will bring the total Hall of Fame members to 258.

You think that being the last year at Ivor Wynne Stadium is would be in Hamilton :roll:

Why? Are the Ticats never going to play in Hamilton again? :roll:

No !! Its the last year are the Historic Stadium, It would have been really nice to have it one last time at IWS :thup: !!

Been 41-42 years ago since I got Jack Abendschan's autograph at Old Empire. Enjoy/Congrats to all to the Hall of Fame.

It's also the last year for Canad Inn Stadium, seems like a saw off to me. Both have hosted CFL Football since the early 50's. Why should Hamilton get preference over Winnipeg?

Because last year was suppost to be your last year, its no secret we all know what happened there :expressionless: Last i checked the Hall of Fame is in The City of Hamilton, Province of Ontario !!

My last year, check the avatar. The Province of Ontario has the Grey Cup, maybe the rest of the country deserves something.

No,it's just that back in the day the HoF game was in Hamilton every year and since the the HoF is actually in Hamilton. Now I like it spread around and I don't mind it being in the Peg this year, but it is a totally valid point to make that it probably could have been one last time at the old Ivor Wynn.

What I find odd is why if it is in Winnipeg, why dear God in November? Why not mid September like usual? Or even early July?

Especially since it hasn't been in Hamilton in four years. I am fine with them rotating it around, but since this is the final season at one of the most iconic football stadia in Canada (maybe even the most iconic) it would have made sense to host the festivities at Ivor Wynne one last time.

With Stegall getting inducted, I get why it is in Winnipeg. What doesn't makes sense, to me at least, is why last year's wasn't in Hamilton. The two big inductees were Danny McManus and Joe Montford, two of the greatest Tiger-Cats of all time. That ceremony should have been in Hamilton, not Calgary.

Thanks, this provides some perspective other than just Hamilton over Winnipeg or the ever popular, Hamilton is a better choice because it is in the "Province of Ontario".

An article in the Winnipeg Suns makes it sound like teams have to bid on the game. It quotes HoF board chairman Steve Howse as saying the Bombers "put the best package together."

CONGRATS to Winnipeg. :thup:

quoting the sun isn't exactly the greatest but.. i tend to think "best package together" means, the game will be sold out and the activities they have surronding that weekend will be attended.

Read somewhere, the last time we had it, was it last year even? but it stated that.. as opposed to recent years, the game itself was sold out and the activities surronding the weekend were actually.. well, it was a wee bit better attended.. not knocking hamilton or anything but fact is.. and this may upset some people, apparently what i say causes ulcers to some on these boards but.. having the game in winnipeg or regina even, heck, edmonton and calgary.. it's not a knock on eastern canada but at the same time, no one can argue that the fan support out west(winnipeg included) is much better than it is out east. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it too, not to mention the fact that milt stegall and tyrone jones are 2 inductees and are pretty much winnipeg blue bomber legends, not even pretty much ,THEY ARE!!

There have been reports the game was supposed to be in Toronto this year but the Argos felt they had too much on their plate planning the Grey Cup so the Bombers got it instead.

It will be nice to see MILT S. honoured in Winnipeg :thup: