Winnipeg Sun columnist hopes Shivers firing helps Bombers

Talk about spin. If I was the Blue Bombers, I'd be more worried about getting glenn and stegal back, and being able to beat a team that doesn't start one of their back up quarterbacks.

I wouldn't take anything that appears in any Sun paper seriously. They just blather to fill up space and invent most of the stories themselves. Sun papers should be renamed "Daily Bugle".

Well said. It not the news there.

to be fair, it is an opinion column. but friesen has never been kind to the Riders.
I know I’ll be at Labour Day. I expect a huge win by the players. They might be bummed out, but they’re professionals. Football is a business, not a tea party.

...wasn't this Friezen guy ..the one who said just before training camp that Charles Roberts wants out of Winnipeg....if the Bombers bring in Onterrio Smith for a look......yeah right.......Friezen is a poor columnist...who makes up 'crap; for his storyline (should be sorryline)...for the Sun...(sports enquirer) it with a grain of salt ....(piles of it)....if he's suggesting the Riders are going to be 'sitting ducks' because one man has left the organization....i think the Bombers would have to be pretty naive to believe that crap... :lol: :lol:

Clearly it wasnt a popular move with the coaching staff and players, as ridiculous as it seems, Friesen does have a point.