Winnipeg Sun articles on the ticat game

Here are two articles from the Winnipeg Sun on the game

[url=] ... 8-sun.html[/url]


[url=] ... 92877.html[/url]

Thanks for posting these! Interesting to see their take on the game!

It will be more interesting to read what Doug Brown has to say, or maybe he will skirt the issue and write about something else.

Funny thing, the Free Press also used the "run over by a truck" analogy:

[url]Winnipeg Free Press

F the bombers

Doug Brown's a chicken!!! I was down at the west end zone before the game. I talked to Gavin Walls and Charles Roberts. The best of all though was Doug Brown after this S.O.B runs his mouth about our city he doesn't even have the STONES to come out and warm up in his traditional #97 jersey, instead he comes out wearing #96 i guess he didn't want to feel the wrath of ticats fans! Sorry there was no hot water for ya....big baby grow some freekin' stones if you're gonna run your mouth about our team and our city!

F the bombers
Right! Give me a moment to explain the meaning of this post to my 7 year old grand daughter.

You know, stkitsfan, when you make these posts, you're not impressing anyone but yourself.
Please show some respect for young,impressionable minds.