Winnipeg Stadium Press Conference... It's a go!


Sounds like the province of Manitoba is coming through! Lookin forward to the press conference tomorrow. Hope it;s not an early April Fools joke!

LIVE: Stadium press conference

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30/03/2010 6:19 PM

[i]WINNIPEG - Join the Winnipeg Free Press live at 10 a.m. Wednesday for a press conference confirming a new deal that will see a new football stadium rise at the University of Manitoba.

The province late Tuesday called the at Canad Inns Stadium to confirm its plan to allow the new football stadium to be built before David Asper’s Creswin Properties assembles the upscale mall it originally needed to fund the project.

The Selinger government, the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Football Club and Creswin have reached a deal that will see the province financing to kickstart a $135 million stadium and U of M recreation project that has been delayed due to Creswin’s inability to secure tenants at The Elms, a shopping mall planned for the current site of Canad Inns Stadium.

The new deal would see the province reduce its commitment, in exchange for providing the financing necessary to build the stadium before The Elms get up and running. The city would act as insurance, should Creswin fail to assemble the retail project.[/i]

Sounds good, though I hope that image on the homepage isn't what the stadium will look like. Can't say I love the curved blue bars, and the wires. :lol: But nice to see Winnipeg is getting a new stadium. TSN said this new one will seat 33,000. What's the capacity of the current stadium?

Awesome, congrats to Mr. Asper and the people of the Peg.

Good news indeed! The current stadium is a bit on the old side. With an inflatable roof for the winter and greatly expanded seating capacity, this will be a maaaaaassive improvement to say the least.

29,533...I believe...the new design is going to be expandable to 40K

Sounds good to me! Let's get busy building.

.....could be shovels in the ground by May....definitely in the summer....All systems go.... :thup: :rockin:
...promise by the league for a Cup game within 5 years......according to the news conference....Great day for the BluenGold... :smiley:

.......bonus i got from the press conference.....There will be two giant jumbotrons at each end of the new stadium that can be lifted so that seating can be expanded to 44,000 plus...nice feature... :thup:

That’ll get a nice crowd for playoff games, and the Grey Cup.

is there to be an inflatable roof in this design? even as a bomber fan i havent looked into any stadium news til now cuz i never figured itd actually happen.... if it does have that option for winter and the later games... then im thrilled!

The bubble referred to only goes over the field, not the seats so the field can be used during the winter. Here's a link at the stadium website that explains the bubble:

The stadium design has an overhang which will cover 80% of the seating area. It will be an outdoor stadium but with lots of protection for various weather conditions. Cold and heat will still be a factor obviously but at least we'll be dry.

Well they do have a version with gold bars :lol: without those bars,it would just be an uncovered bowl,at least the bars help cover 80% of the seats with some type of roofing.

Cant remember where I read it,but when you use the concessions,you'll still be able to see the entire field during game play. :thup:

To spend nothing on a new stadium is ludacris.
I am in the construction business… I will tell you first hand that 115 million will build you nothing!!!
This is the legacy of BMO Field.
People have been coned into thinking that people will go to welfare stadiums.
115 million will build you a bare bone stadium that has nothing in the way of amenties or convience.
This is one project that I hope to see go well over buget…
If they build this on buget…you will be left with a stadium not much diferent then Hornet Stadium where the Gold Miners use to play.
I say …you tell Issy Aspers deliquint sons…to go fly a kite… and take the 50 million and fix up the old barn.
How Winnipeg can build a new stadium for less then it will cost to build half of a stadium in Ottawa scares me in a way I can not imagine.
If this new stadium goes ahead…you miles well say bye bye Blue Bombers…
Who in their right mind is going to travel to the U of M to go to a highschool stadium to watch the Bombers…
This whole thing depresses me.
I lived in Winnipeg for 17 years…and not once did I come within 5 K of the Uof M.For crying out loud the airport is closer to the downtown core then the U of M.

Yes I realize I opened myself up for many jokes about my education.

Winnipegs new stadiums nick-name is now officially called "THE SPANKING STADIUM"
Listen to this news cast tell it like it is.

Hey, it's nice that the fans will be covered when the weather gets nasty, but those bars look stupid. :lol:

I somewhat agree, but it's still a way better option than the 50 some million the current stadium would have required, and it's going to be nicer than anything not named Edmonton or possibly Skydome that's currently in the league. Basically what I'm saying is that it's good they actually went the new route, even if they didn't go all out on the design.

CFL, the $225 million that they are planning to spend in Ottawa is for the redevelopment of ALL of Lansdowne Park, not just for renovations to the stadium. And if $135 million will buy you nothing then those people in Hamilton better get their torches and pitchforks out since their proposed 20,000 seat stadium is budgeted at $100 million with a cost of up to $50 million more to have it seat 30,000.

You obviously haven't lived in Winnipeg for a while. A person at the Bombers forum who lives near Henderson Highway and the Perimeter says it will add 15 minutes tops to his drive to get to the U of M compared to Polo Park. Another person I know in Brandon will have maybe 10 minutes added to her drive. And there are buses that run from all parts of the city to the U of M regularly because, unlike you, thousands of people go there everyday.

BTW, according to Google maps, to drive from Portage & Main to the University of Manitoba is a 18 minute drive while driving to the airport from Portage & Main is a 17 minute drive.

I live in the eastern part of Wpg,and the new site is over 10k farther away then Canad's,and never have a reason to go near the U of M,but the drive time is 5 min's shorter when using the Perimeter.So i can live with it :thup:

The new site might make some fans stay away cause they are used to having a stadium in their backyard in St James (distance,bus routes?).But the new site will attract fans from other parts of the city who dont want to go to Polo Park.I know of about 3 ppl who want to go games in the new place,but wont set foot in Polo Park.It will all work out better in the end I believe.Not everyone will be happy with the U of M site,but not everyone is happy with where it is now.

I am glad to see that you guys are looking forward to our SPANKING STADIUM

....Depends on who is getting the 'spanking' or the opposition....BUT yes...I'm tickled 'bluengold' about the whole thing and can't wait... :thup: :rockin: I hope we hear from few other CFL cities soon about stadiums going forward's all good.. :thup:

This stadium looks great, congrats Winnipeg. I can't to visit this stadium when my son gets a bit older. (planning on taking him to a game in every stadium when is older). Hopefully Ottawa is back in business by 2020.