Winnipeg Stadium Lives On...(CanadaInns)

Contrary to earlier statements that it would be impossible to play at the old barn. It appears that that's exactly what is going to happen ... -zamberlin
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On a side note.... Yahooo... the TicaTS HAVE jIM dALEY ON THEIR STAFF... wOW...they have a Canadian.... Good thing it's only special teams... they left the important jobs up to our overlords.

Did not take long for the new Prez to eat some crow.

....Very foolish to give final dates orrrrrrrr allude to where you are going to play and not going to play until the ribbon cutting..Too many variables...I'm sure he;s choking on the feathers :wink: :lol:

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Highly doubt a single game gets played in the new digs this year

There are contractors that are scheduled to not even show up until late November- early December

Way too much work they only got West side built and thats not even 100% complete they still need East built, north and south endzones, parking lots all in a 3 month span not happening and that is just structure part of it not to mention time allocated for seat installation, Electrical etc and than Turf goes in last

The whole idea was unrealistic. Anyway it isn't like they don't have a place to play. One more year at the old place isn't going to kill anyone.

It very well could kill tens of thousands of people as a matter of fact... Frank Clair stadium is younger then both Taylor Field and Winnipeg Stadium and has been condemed..... The Big O is half the age of these dinasaurs and has giant pieces of concrete sluffing off of it on what seems to be almost a routine basis..... Canada's stadium infrastructure has got to be one of the biggest embarasments to the entire country..... Countries with 1/10th of our wealth have significantly better stadiums.... Newzealand has a population of 4 million and went completely bankrupt 30 years ago and has stadia infrastructure that makes ours look beyond 3rd world.

One reason is our emphasis on building hockey arenas, it's difficult to build expensive hockey arenas and expensive football/soccer stadiums in a country our size that has so much emphasis on hockey, I think. Which is unfortunate for my way of thinking, I much prefer football/soccer stadiums than hockey arenas. Hockey caters much more to people with money, a bit more elitist I think.

And yes, better Winnipeg doesn't rush the new stadium and compromise on quality.

I think that I want to copy and paste Football You Bets slogan.... The log in proceedure here is terrible.... How does it go again... "MRX and everyone associated with it sux the big one" Something like that anyways.

If Winnipeg is having problems, how in the hell is Hamilton going to not just build a stadium, but first demo a stadium all in the span of 19 months? Maybe it would be best just to mothball the Cats for 2 years instead of having them lose $20 million. It's not like CFL rosters are even stable enough that you would have any players left after two years anyways... The average CFL team is completely turned over in less then 4 years anyways.Playing games in London, Moncton, Quebec is a good idea. However the cost of adding temp seats means that you are paying high ticket prices and as it has already been shown in Moncton and in TO with the NFL. People are not willing to pay high ticket prices for a team that is not theirs.Maybe as we seen in Moncton, a one off... However once the novelty wears thin, people simply will not pony up the dough.

Good Question!

How the hell did they build Maple Leaf Gardens in a span of 6 months back in the day??? I know a hockey rink is a considerably smaller structure than a football stadium, but like previous posts stated, it seems like a 5 year + process for a itsy bitsy sized CFL stadium to be erected :x Canada is 3rd world for sure when it comes to stadium construction!!!!!

Apparently. McMahon was built in 100 days for 1 million dollars (about 8 million in today's money ... alculator/
It held 22000 seats... So Using that math the stadium in Winnipeg should be built with 33000 seats costing 12 million(plus a bit more for corporate suites) in about 150 days.

The issue with Moncton was not ticket prices or team being permanent. It was End zone seating and how tickets were allocated. People simply aren't interested in paying good money to sit in temp end zone bleachers when they can watch the game for free in HD. I think if they make ticket packs where you sit in different areas for each game and make them available to Atlantic fans they will be successful. If they give out all the good tickets to season ticket holders and sponsors they will run into trouble.

I doubt very much the Tiger-Cats will play games in Quebec City. I would be very surprised if the University was interested. I suspect London,Toronto,McMaster and Moncton will split the Tiger-Cats season.

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Interesting table...

I don't care how long it takes, it's a miracle that this place is getting built...

Will Regina get their dome? Will Halifax get a stadium similar to Winnipeg? Even Hamilton and Ottawa getting reno's is a miracle...