Winnipeg Stadium Deal, signed, sealed...


... and hopefully delievered by Jan 16th.

Manitoba pushes ahead with museum and stadium projects

December 9, 2008
Canadian Press

[i]Deals to build a new football stadium and human rights museum in Winnipeg will be completed very soon despite Canada’s political and economic uncertainty, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer says.

Doer predicted a deal to build a 30,000-seat stadium for the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers will be finalized before a first ministers meeting Jan. 16.

“I’m going to get it done before the meeting. I’ve already raised it with (federal Infrastructure Minister) John Baird,? Doer said following his annual state-of-the-province speech.

“I don’t want to speak for them, but so far, the discussions are very positive with the federal government.?

The stadium plan, put forward by media mogul David Asper, would see the federal and provincial governments put up $35 million of $150 million for a new stadium, amateur fitness centre and revamped track and field facility at the University of Manitoba.


Hope this goes through, it would definitely leapfrog Manitoba as leader in some sports facilities and allow the university to recruit better than other places. And be a showcase for the CFL in some ways as a leader in private/gov't cooperation having taken place in Manitoba.

That leaves Hamilton and Regina.

....and at least one half new stadium for Ottawa.

Toronto city hall recently voted 33-1 in favour of a bid for the 2015 Pan Am games, which is Hamilton's ticket to a brand new stadium if we were able to win it. They say the golden horseshoe bid measures up pretty strongly against the two south american bids, so keep those fingers crossed until they announce the winner (in Nov. 2009).

I've heard lots of noise out of Regina for a while, particularly from the Sask. premier, but no solid plans yet.

I won't beleive this story until I see the first shovel in the ground. Until then wake me up when its over.

The rumour floating around in these parts is that Toronto now wants the stadium and will give us the Olympic sized pool instead.

Now with Mr. Rogers passing away, I don't know if the braintrust left to run Rogers will allow the Argos to play there for free. To redo BMO field it will cost around 20mil to extend the one side of the stadium to accomodate the CFL field.

Unfortunately in Ontario, what Toronto wants, Toronto gets. They have the population to support projects like this.

I heard a brief rumour that U of T asked about the stadium, but it turned out to be false.

As far as I know, no other town but Hamilton is bidding for the 30k seat track and field stadium. Do you have any recent links about toronto wanting the stadium?

If anything, Cynamon and Sokolowski should lobby for a 15k seat stadium at York U to be used during the games for soccer, and then afterwards spend a few bucks upgrading it to a 28k seater with luxury suites and get a 50 year lease. There's likely to be a lot of soccer games played as part of the Pan Ams, BMO likely wouldn't be able to fill all the demand.

There is no way Flaherty is going to open public financing to private stadiums. Manitoba can stick it in his face all they want. If he does it for Winnipeg, he'll have to do it for Quebec City, Hamilton, Regina possibly even Halifax. Signed , Sealed and Delivered,then tossed in file 13.

Forget a new stadium in Hamilton, Toronto is more important to the CFL and Hamilton has a great stadium that is old, yes, and yes, needs upgrading but the Argos should be the priority I think. You want to maintain the Argos and have Grey Cups there, Hamilton doesn't need Grey Cups, doesn't have the hotel rooms. Lets get the swimming pool and do what's best for the CFL.

This isn't exactly it but if you read down, they want to add temp seats to Varsity Stadium and they would refurbish Ivor Wynne for soccer.

It was only the local tv news that after reviewing what the 12 municipalities wanted, Toronto would like the new stadium instead.

Toronto is more important to the CFL than Hamilton, but Toronto also currently has a stadium that is 100 times better than Hamilton's. Rogers Corp is never gonna kick the Argos out. They need the game day revenue for their bottom line. The fact is that the Argos are fine until when/if they decide they need their own stadium project at York U. Besides, there's no reason why both can't get a stadium out of the Pan Ams. Hamilton wants track and field, but there's still going to be a need for a better soccer venue besides BMO. C & S should by lobbying ontario for a small expandable soccer stadium at York that they can take over after the games.

Whadda ya mean Hamilton doesn't need Grey Cups? A grey cup means an extra $5M for a team's bottom line, that can make up for several years of losses. It could be the difference between an owner staying on board or abandoning ship. Even if Hamilton doesn't have the hotel rooms, there's certainly more than enough within a 1 hour radius of the stadium.

Toronto's viability does not hinge on a new stadium. Hamilton's very well might.

...signed , sealed , delivered ....I'm yours....sounds like a line from an ol Stevie Wonder tune...and it'll be a wonder if this ever gets done ...considering the political climate.....HOWEVER...WONDERS NEVER CEASE......just ask Stevie.... :wink: Doer sounds pretty won't be a failure of Manitobas provincial govt. if this doesn't come to pass.. :roll:

dmont, Hamilton lost a whole heck of a lot of money last time on the GC here and I can see this scenario repeating itself in this city quite honestly.

You're right Earl. It would be really hard to stage an event in Hamilton after 9 consecutive successful Grey Cup Festivals (2000 - 2008) in every other city in Canada.

Any team organizing Grey Cup week in Hamilton has to consist of people who have proven themselves on Grey Cup committees in recent years. The organizing committee would also have to figure out how to stage a successful festival in a city that sorely lacks the hotel space and vibrant nightlife that almost every other Grey Cup town has.

Yeah we'd pretty much need a new stadium too.

I must say, I have never seen a more magnanimous statement made by a sports fan, ever. To actually accept the short end in the name of what's good for your league demonstrates an enlarged sense of fraternity that I can little recollect.

Oh Earl, ye of little faith. With a new stadium comes more and better seats. With a rejuvenated CFL comes better sponsors and attention. With more cooperation among the BOG comes a pooling of resources. Remember the last time Toronto hosted a Grey Cup (before 2007)? It was a disaster. But given the right organizers, and lots of planning, they turned in the greatest Grey Cup week in recent history (that's right, I said it... who wants to fight about it???)

Bottom line, the entire league, cohon and BOG included, lend their weight to Grey Cup festivities nowadays. Why so little faith in your organization and city?

spot on dmont

I'm a bit skeptical too, until the shovels are in the ground, but the pressure is on the Feds to cough up economic stimulus money. Anything that creates employment now, will be considered. This down turn in the economy could be just what the doctor ordered. Even if the recession is supposed to miss Manitoba completely. :wink:

Sorry, no shovels are going in the ground, apparently Rogers Communications is going to prevent any upgrades or new CFL stadiums as they want to squish the CFL out of existence to be sure the NFL can come to Toronto and be the only football around. So they’re buying up all existing shovels everywhere in Canada. :wink: