Winnipeg signs running back Shaq Cooper

WINNIPEG — Less than a week after his release from the BC Lions, running back Shaq Cooper has found a new home.

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This is getting embarrassing. First Roosevelt, then Castillo and now the Bombers sign their best corner from last year whom I believe led the CFL in interceptions. They could almost have two people injured at every position and not miss a beat. Everyone else is clearly playing for next year only. In 51 years I have never seen a team so much better than the rest of the league- and then to add to it and improve themselves more than any other team? Incomprehensible! We should realistically only discuss which teams might challenge for the Grey Cup in 2022 from now on.

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Yes, I agree that the BB are better than most teams in the league but that doesn't guarantee the 2021 GC will be won by them. It most likely will but I remember the 1989 Eskimos, they were 16 and 2. They were cruising to the GC just as the BB seem to be now until they lost a game they were not expected to. The BB still has to play the games and several of their wins were a lot closer than they would have liked. If I were O'Shea, I would certainly remind my team that they are only 1 loss away from packing the luggage and heading home once playoffs hit. He has to keep them focused regardless of their immense talent.

Injuries are starting to strike the Bombers. Not catastrophic (Collaros would be catastrophic) but gettin' there and end of season stuff is worse than early season fwiw.
Andrew Harris, Nick Taylor, Jerome Hardrick, Wolitarski, Jefferson, etc. all have come down with nicks.
Walters doing a great job bringing in talent. Would top it all and deserve the presidential medal of honor if he brings in Chris Streveler for the playoffs.

btw - bringing recent BC cut Shaq Cooper aboard informs us the Andrew Harris injury is more serious than first feared. Bombers need a power back w/ speed to supplement Oliviera, simple as that. Shaq Cooper's signing = Andrew Harris's prognosis, simple as that.

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Cooper is an interesting depth signing I guess - average RB talent; the Bombers current depth RBs - Oliveira & Augustine - are both better IMO; doubt Cooper plays a down for them unless one or two of the back-ups get injured as well.

Rose & Castillo are way more important additions - Castillo a huge need (if that stiff Mourtada plays again = ???); wonder if Rose - a vet - gets in when the Bombers D-backfield has been so solid ?

As far as best team in the league by miles; umm, no; the Argos beat them soundly already and the Argos are just getting rolling IMO. And both the Stamps & Riders might have something to say in the West yet - we shall see.

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yeah Castillo and ferraro are more significant signings

Shaq Cooper has failed to prove his worth as a full-time running back. Both with the Elks and the Lions. I have to question GM Kyle Walters signing Cooper, :thinking: when Oliveira & Johnny Augustine are both better players. :bangbang:

Huh? Don't you mean better than all other teams in the league? Which other team is better? The only game that was close that they won was the Calgary game, and that was eons ago. A game can't be considered close if the opposition can't score once the 3rd quarter ends. I didn't say they were perfect but with their superior talent and the best depth in the league and the fact that they will continue to physically annihilate both lines of all other teams in the league makes it extremely unlikely they can be beat. I would also say that they are far more dominant vis a vis the league than the 1989 Esks. They also only have two meaningful games left. the Western Final in Winnipeg and the Grey Cup. It would be amazing, although it is of course not guaranteed, if they were to win their next 4 meaningless games (as I understand it only if BC wins out and Bombers lose out will they not finish first). O'Shea also has their feet firmly planted on the ground and both he and the players absolutely do not discuss anything more than their next game.

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I agree that Cooper is a depth signing only. I would be shocked if Rose didn't play. He was their best secondary guy last season and their present secondary is filled with rookies and injuries- Mercy Maston, their best secondary player, ripped his achilles in training camp. I won't repeat the many reasons why it will be almost impossible for the Bombers to lose but am pretty sure they won't lose to an Eastern team in the Grey Cup, even if it is the salary capless Argos. At least I know that there is one Argos fan still alive.


Its a given the Bombers will win 2 straight Grey Cups.
Primary reason they're hulking up is to insure a 3rd straight title in 2022 season, rivaling the halcyon days of the late 50s, early 60s bomber teams!

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There is absolutely no such such thing as a given. You know better than to say that. The ball is oblong so odd bounces take place, . injuries happen, some teams are rapidly improving.