Winnipeg sending message to fans

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Only signing a marquee quarterback on the free agent market would have created a bigger splash than signing linebacker Barrin Simpson.

Winnipeg chairman Ken Hildahl referred to it as a "very significant day in the re-birth of the Blue Bombers dynasty."

And it was just what new head coach Doug Berry was promised when he was hired.

"I was led to believe that Winnipeg would be aggressive in doing what it takes to become a winner," Berry said yesterday. "And this should send a message to the rest of the CFL that Winnipeg is putting together a winner in 2006."

That is not the only one.

"It should send a message to the team, to the fans and to the other teams in the league that we're not just players any more, we're real players and are very involved," said Bombers GM Brendan Taman. "And we're going to continue to be involved in this free agency stuff because we're all about winning.

"We're really excited to start a new beginning on our team and this is big step for us."

NEXT UP: Taman has [b]already contacted free-agent safety Richard Karikari /b, but did not discuss numbers with him.

"I'm very familiar with 'K-K' -- he's an outstanding player," said Berry, the Alouettes offensive co-ordinator last year. "He's someone we would be very interested in. I just don't know what he's demanding."

Bombers are also interested in such free agents as OL [b]Bobby Singh /b and WR [b]Elijah Thurmon /b, depending on their contract demands.

HASHMARKS: Taman confirmed that import DE Gavin Walls is officially a Bomber again and will further discuss a contract extension with him soon ... Lions are apparently interested in free agent KR/receiver Keith Stokes (Winnipeg) ... Edmonton re-signed WR Jason Tucker and DB Malcolm Frank while Toronto re-signed OL Jude St. John and LB Antonious Bonner just before the free agent deadline ... Hamilton signed free agents RB Josh Ranek and George Hudson (both Ottawa) and LB Ray Mariuz (Toronto) yesterday ... Saskatchewan has moved the starting time for its June 3 pre-season game vs. Winnipeg to 2 p.m. from 9 p.m.

"very significant day in the re-birth of the Blue Bombers dynasty".

:shock: :shock: "Dynasty"? "Re-birth"?

How about the BABB's? Born again Blue Bombers.

8), I caught that too EM, maybe the new Webster's is out:

Pronunciation: 'dI-n&-stE also -"nas-tE, esp British 'di-n&-stE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
1 : a succession of rulers of the same line of descent.
2 : a group that fluctates in it's power, sometimes wins, sometimes loses, hasn't won a championship in many years but signs a couple of free agents in the off season and is already planning the parade.

........hey, maybe it works........

.....and the rest of the BB Defense......

Yeah, but they might be pretty good...a couple of them appear pigeon-toed. :lol:

And I think one has his shoes on the wrong feet. :lol:

a softball team called the BB in Alberta? now I've seen everything.

hmmm....guess brown, flemming, walls and canada were at home sick that day...... jivin ya piggy.......suppose papa will make me pay for that one....but you gotta admit Taman is slinging some Bigtime spin words around these days....

...did someone inject Taman with some 'new found' 'front office smarts...or was there a serious revelation due to a sighting of termination....whatever... he got off his can and is performing....but is it his last waltz ...or a dance into the future...choreographed by Danny Maciocia.. :shock:

and just to set matters straight.......the simpson deal was 3 years @ 180K per with an option.....not quite as rich as some are making it out to be....thats only slightly more than half of what we would have been paying Khari.....where the heck is he now......

True , it's still far less than Khari was getting , BUT isn't Barin a linebacker ? Whereas Khari was supposed to be a Quarterback? Don't QB's usually make alot more thanLB's? So Bomber fans really can stop complaining about wealthy owners making life more difficult for their financially strapped community owned team bydriving up salaries. Looks like the Bombers are doing a good job in driving up salaries too. Now when the BB sign a real QB one day they ought to be well over the cap . How much for a QB , 500,000? So much for fiscal responsiblity.

........good point.........for all you hypocrites that were slamming the EEs and the Stamps last year for moderate spending habits, eat your words.........Taman is doing the same thing this year to buy a contender.........


Barrin simpsons contract is 4 years long not 3

Again I must repeat that kariakri will either be playing in the states or montreal next season karikari said so himself

unless he goes to the GC with Winnipeg this season! heeheehee!

I think I might have missed something along the way but in case I didn't I have to ask, Kanga, is it your birthday?


I thought abou starting up a topic about it, but I've used up too much space before.

and I'm pleased to anownce that for today only, TM has made all of my rules a part of the officail rule book!!! but cuz their are no CFL games on today, you will not get to see them in action. IT'S NUTS!!!!!! :lol:

and also for my birthday, the Grey Cup will be helded in Winnipeg and the Commonweath Games will be held in my homwtown of Melboune just for me! :smiley:

quit it you guys, what did the bombers spend last season, the league minimum of 2.7 M, their highest paid player is stegall at 185K, so simpson is getting the same money........what does Ray make close to 500K, and they just signed tucker for 2 years worth 700K and what did they reportedly spend last year 4.5M......the bombers have a long way to go before they even get close to EE type of spending numbers..