Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

A Grey Cup rematch last night. A Labour Day preview tonight. We're getting spoiled in the opening weekend. Go Riders!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Looking forward to a good game.

Go Bombers!! Also looking forward to a great game, even though SK has a couple key injuries to open the season :twisted:

Right now I’m sitting in my office getting some deadline work out of the way so that I can be nicely set-up in front of the big screen by kick-off time. But if I don’t quit my goofing off (browsing for example) I won’t get done. Off I go.

Never thought I would see Chief cheering for the Riders lol

His second favourite team. And I'm fine with that. :rockin: :rockin:

The Riders are a bit better on paper, but given the rivalry and the fact that it's week 1, anything could happen in this one. Good chance that this will come down to the special teams.

I picked them in the VGCC, so I’m obligated to. :lol:

Notice that Taj Smith is listed at #2 in the depth chart at wide receiver. His days are numbered.

They says he is injured slightly? He didn't do much in preseason, his days could be up soon.

Game on!!!

Winnipeg off side, first play. Too exiced boys.

Wasn't this game supposed to be on ESPN2? It got bumped for some WNBA action. :x

O looked ok. Swung the field. time for our d to step up.

I don't know. Just because denmark was hit hard doesn't make it a penalty. No sure about the head shot penalty ...

Did they ban contact? That was a clean hit ?

How was Macho's hit unnecessary roughness? Did something happen after the play that I missed?

Yup that floored me.

Willy, meet Mr. Chick ... and Mr. Turf

John Chick serving notice early on everyone he's still a major force. Wow

A Chick sacked Willy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's the refs first game as well so I'll give them a pass this time. That was a good hard hit - a clean hit