Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

Should be a good one today, couple of good teams and a pumped crowd.

Riders 31 Bombers 17 The Battle of the Prairie Dogs Starts today.

Bombers must play a near perfect game to have a chance, turnovers killed them last time out.


I saw the game last night in my dreams. Final score: Riders 77, Bombers 0. Weston Dressler scored 8 touchdowns! :wink: :rockin: 8)

Dream on Turkeybend, dream on!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

After the Turkeybend Power Rankings thread this week all I can say is.......nice to see you back TB. Stay away from those canola seeds. :wink:

and then you woke up to reality :slight_smile:

Let's hope for a great game!

Crazy crowd.

How did he not step out of bounds? Some great footwork on that INT. Although I probably would've taken a knee.

Unless they have a clip they haven't shown us - there is nothing to overturn the pick

Shocked he caught it. Good eyes and awareness.

No way that was interference

I wouldn't have overturned that either. He should have given up the point, tho.

Correct call - it must be 100% conclusive to overturn

No PI there. I'm good with that call, he was playing the ball.

Unless it's open turf for 30 plus yards - always take a knee .....


He definitely should have taken the knee.

Is that 3 penalties, so far, or 4? :roll: